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travelsafar Mon 19-Nov-18 11:00:48

Watched the program about the chimps and last night with the penguins.I love these little creatures, they have such funny ways. I was so glad the TV crew helped the ones out who were trapped in the ravine . Looking forward to the one next week all about lions!!!

gillybob Mon 19-Nov-18 11:04:45

I’m loving this series too travelsafar they were talking about it on our local BBC radio station this morning . Apparently David Attenburgh did not approve of the camera crew helping the penguins that had fell into the ravine . sad

travelsafar Mon 26-Nov-18 08:09:54

I watched the episode about the lions last night, i had to turn the sound down and look away when the hyenas were attacking i must admit.But oh the wonder of that femal lioness and her protective instints!!! Seeing her almost fully grown cubs caressing her was magical also the photos of the male and her together amazing, nature is awesome.

EllanVannin Mon 26-Nov-18 08:22:01

I love the programme but can't watch when there are attacks ,down goes the sound and I glance at the paper until the fighting stops. Nature in the raw doesn't appeal to me although I do like to see animals running free and wild and not cooped up in zoos.

Sparklefizz Mon 26-Nov-18 09:57:14

The young poisoned lion was helped by vets last night but sadly couldn't be saved. There's no way I could work on that programme as I'd be rushing in to save all of them! The lioness matriarch was an amazing mother. My cat Phoebe enjoyed the programme, especially the cubs playing. I found it very hard to see those hyenas taunting the young male lion - you could see the fear and panic on his face until his bruv came to the rescue.

Amazing filming - the BBC at its best!

sodapop Mon 26-Nov-18 12:26:37

Brilliant series so far, wonderful filming. I think on balance they were right to help the penguins as they did.

Sparklefizz Mon 26-Nov-18 13:55:43

I agree sodapop.

Granmud Tue 27-Nov-18 09:15:12

I am very glad the Penguins were helped, but I thought David Attenborough was alright with the decision. With all the bad things happening in the animal kingdom caused by human greed it was a heartwarming moment, and it took a lot of discussion so wasn’t done on a whim.... Well done crew

Grannyknot Tue 27-Nov-18 09:32:35

Sparklefizz there's a whole load of tweets with photographs from people saying their cats are engrossed in this programme. My daughter and her husband are currently staying with us, and her cat also sat with its head cocked and watched! I thought it was a one-off ...

Sparklefizz Tue 27-Nov-18 10:19:06

Grannyknot My previous cat sat and watched a whole 1 hr documentary on grizzly bears once!

When I was a child growing up and TV was only black and white, we had a cat who loved the Peter Scott bird documentaries and would dab her paw at the birds on the small TV screen.

Now in glorious HD the animals must seem much more realistic, although Phoebe (my cat) was not so interested in the penguins the previous week.

Grannyknot Tue 27-Nov-18 11:14:26

Fascinating. We know so little about animals and how they function.

gillybob Tue 27-Nov-18 11:24:17

There was a discussion on my local radio station a few days ago regarding the penguins and whether the crew had been right to help. It seems DA said that nature should be left to its course and that they should not have interfered. Someone rang in and suggested that if that were the case perhaps we should stop feeding the birds in the winter and “let nature take its course” hmm

Grandma2213 Wed 28-Nov-18 02:15:15

I have been enjoying the content of this series but have also had to turn the sound down and use sub titles. In my case, like so many other radio and TV programmes it is the background 'music' that irritates and distracts me. To be fair Dynasties is not the worst. Most of it consists of two or three piano notes repeated or a droning hum or thudding beat. Am I alone in wanting to hear just commentaries or acting without that 'noise'?

Labaik Sun 16-Dec-18 19:32:11

I've watched the whole series on catchup. It wasn't very clear what happened to the young tiger, Biba. I assume that, by leaving the protection of her family, she would have died, but it just said her mother would never see her again and that she had successfully raised three of the four cubs. I assume that, by leaving the reserve, they were unable to keep track of her. I kind of hope that she survived in some way. I don't think I've ever been so riveted by a wildlife programme before, and I did, actually like the music. The episode with the Painted Wolves had me in tears, especially at the end when they said Tait's alpha male died because he wouldn't leave her.