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The many faces of June Whitfield

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Washerwoman Tue 01-Jan-19 16:57:13

After a busy day taking down decorations and having a general blitz after 8 days of various houseguests finally sat down with the last mince pie (thank goodness )and watched this on catch up .What a fascinating career and life she had,and brought back memories,although the Glums were a bit before my time-even though I was aware of them.Did anyone else catch this ?

BradfordLass72 Tue 01-Jan-19 20:09:37

I remember The Glums.

"Aaaaw Ron."
"Yers Eth."

Loverly stuff.

lemongrove Tue 01-Jan-19 20:19:27

Yes, I remember The Glums, Ron and Eth, very funny.
June Whitfield was always in work and had a very successful career.I used to like Terry and June, I expect it was of it’s time though and would seem dated now.

lemongrove Tue 01-Jan-19 20:20:25

I didn’t see that programme Washerwoman what channel?

Washerwoman Tue 01-Jan-19 20:24:46

Was on BBC2 yesterday at 8 pm.I put in a search for The Many faces of June Whitfield as didn't immediately show up on iPlayer choices.

lemongrove Tue 01-Jan-19 20:43:58

Thanks tchsmile

Chewbacca Tue 01-Jan-19 21:03:45

You can still catch old episodes of The Glums on Radio 4 Extra.

NanKate Wed 02-Jan-19 07:54:00

I will watch that, thanks for the recommendation WW.

Teetime Wed 02-Jan-19 09:53:22

Lovely programme about June Whitfield - there are lots of shows on Radio 4Extra which she is in (bad grammar but you know what I mean).

annodomini Wed 02-Jan-19 10:17:57

My dad rigged up a speaker system on the landing so that I could hear radio comedies after I'd gone to bed. Much as I loved Take it From Here, June Whitfield's Eth is the character I can best remember. Jimmy Edwards and Dick Bentley have faded into the background. She has remained in the forefront of British comedy for over 70 years. What an unparalleled career.

Jabberwok Wed 02-Jan-19 14:48:02

I too remember Take it from Here! My parents loved it and it was on the radio on Sunday afternoon I think, I was about 8 at the time! The last thing I remember seeing J.W in, was Last of the Summer Wine! She had a husband called Traviss whom you never ever saw, but heard plenty about!! Lovely lady!