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The widow

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BlueBelle Wed 10-Apr-19 13:38:09

Anyone watching this I m enjoying it made me jump last night when poor Emmanuel got in the car

TerriBull Wed 10-Apr-19 13:55:45

Caught up with the first episode last night, I thought it might be a load of rubbish like the Richard Gere one on BBC2, but pleasantly surprised, I'll stick with it for sure. Fans of the recent Icelandic series will be pleased to see the male lead (largish chap) in this, he was in "The Missing" with Baptiste a while back as well. I think I may have read the "The Widow" also has the same writers as "The Missing". Anyway it's worth giving it a go if you haven't watched it yet.

fizzers Wed 10-Apr-19 13:59:10

I watched the first episode but can't say I liked it, I might give it another go at some point as I did like Missing.

Sparklefizz Wed 10-Apr-19 16:26:56

Kate Beckinsale is a rubbish actress - or it's a rubbish script - or both! Won't be watching Episode 3. I see there are 8 episodes in all!!

Willow500 Wed 10-Apr-19 17:08:31

I watched the first episode but fell asleep last night. I have to confess to being a little disappointed as I thought it was based on a book I read a few weeks ago called The Disappeared which has a sub title of the Widow. It's a very similar storyline but not the same so it's frustrating - will keep watching though.

Sirius Sat 04-May-19 11:19:27

Glad it's over. Too much jumping about in different time zones. Very confusing at times.

oldgaijin Tue 14-May-19 00:09:24

What a load of tosh! How did KB manage to look bandbox fresh with one T shirt, when her luggage was stolen at the airport! It was so awful that I had to watch to the end to see if it could get any worse.
It did.

Auntieflo Tue 14-May-19 12:09:36

I had recorded all the episodes, to binge watch, but after seeing the comments made here, I deleted the lot without bothering.
Sounds as though I made the right decision.

Parsley3 Tue 14-May-19 14:54:54

I started to watch it and wasn’t impressed but OH liked it so I tried again and really started to enjoy it and wanted to know how it would end. Strangely, it didn’t matter that I had missed the first few episodes.

Shirleyw Fri 24-May-19 12:21:23

Just starting to watch it on to say.....bit far fetched swanning off to the Congo just like that looking for husband....don't think that would happen in real life, not to the Congo....I shall probably carry on watching them all.....🤓