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The Restaurant that makes mistakes.

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GrannyGravy13 Thu 13-Jun-19 09:48:31

Just wondering if anyone else watched this last night. We have had several forms of "dementia" in our immediate family, and found this to be such an interesting take on this dreadful disease.

It was uplifting, sad at times but showed how those with the disease felt worthless on receiving the diagnosis, and how they coped with a new job.

KatyK Thu 13-Jun-19 14:19:33

I've recorded this. I'm looking forward to watching it.

silverlining48 Thu 13-Jun-19 14:33:38

I watched it, shocking that they had lost their jobs as soon as they were diagnosed. None exactly old either.
My poor mum died with Alzheimer’s and it’s one of my greatest fears.