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New Bake Off host.

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robew Fri 17-Apr-20 23:48:27

Don’t really like Matt Lucas too I don't understand this choice.

mrsHom Sat 14-Mar-20 10:08:50

Can't stand the man. He doesn't seem to have done anything of note since Little Britain. I think he's a one trick pony and I don't really think he's got a sense of humour. Bake Off's gone a bit flat lately anyway - I really only watched the last series because of Sandi and Noel. I won't be watching the next one.Susan Calman would have been ideal. Hey ho - nothing lasts forever.

grannypiper Sat 14-Mar-20 10:01:38

Oh no, not Matt Lucas. He would put anyone off a Victoria sponge

oldgimmer1 Sat 14-Mar-20 09:34:06

I can't understand why two presenters are needed.

Noel is lovely on his own..cupcake

TwiceAsNice Sat 14-Mar-20 09:04:19

Don’t really like Matt Lucas think he is very childish. Love Noel but hope it won’t be a fight between them for attention . Also feel it’s a bit male gender heavy now

DanniRae Sat 14-Mar-20 08:58:38

Definitely not happy by this choice but hope I am proved wrong! grin

gulligranny Fri 13-Mar-20 17:05:57

I was really hoping for Susan Calman, but she's now involved in The Great British Menu. I can't see Matt Lucas working on this, alongside Noel - I just hope that the all-male duo of presenters give the programme due dignity and that the focus is on the competitors, not the hosts.

Pantglas2 Wed 11-Mar-20 18:33:55

Not keen (and loved Sandi and Mel and Sue before someone assumes it’s because he’s gay)

Artdecogran Wed 11-Mar-20 18:16:28

Can’t stand him. It seems weird to have 3 male presenters.

Kamiso Wed 11-Mar-20 18:06:46

Interesting but not an obvious choice. So long as he doesn't make it all about him.

shysal Wed 11-Mar-20 18:00:31

I have just read that Sandi's replacement is to be Matt Lucas. Not sure how I feel about it. It will depend on how silly he is.