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Annoying Background Music on TV

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georgia101 Sun 19-Apr-20 10:59:06

Does anyone else find background music spoiling their enjoyment of watching programmes on TV? It's sometimes impossible to follow what's being said, and it's so unnecessary in most cases. In particular I'd rather listen to the sounds of nature in nature programmes than most of the music they put on. Last night I couldn't follow a programme at all and turned it off in frustration.

Alexa Sun 19-Apr-20 11:01:49

Background music is the main reason I rely on sub titles.

Charleygirl5 Sun 19-Apr-20 11:06:28

I agree with Alexa. If I did not have subtitles I would watch very little.

Chestnut Sun 19-Apr-20 11:13:29

What annoys me is the volume of music. The correct way is to have background music at a low level and the speech at a higher level. We can hear the music! We don't need it blasted at twice the volume of the speech. There have been so many dramas where the speech (especially whispering) is so low I have to turn the volume up, only to have the next scene blasting out music at a deafening level.

Septimia Sun 19-Apr-20 11:14:54

I agree that background music can be irritating.

What we used to find most irritating, in the days when we went to work, was the frenetic music the local radio station played during the traffic news. It was guaranteed to put you in a panic!

georgia101 Sun 19-Apr-20 11:41:32

I often resort to sub-titles too. The programme yesterday didn't have them which is why I eventually gave up and turned off.

Alexa Mon 20-Apr-20 19:46:12

I like University Challenge quite a lot but that bell is unnecessarily loud and piercing. I turn the sound down so I cannot hear the bell and so need the subtitles.