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This house is full of music

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kissngate Wed 22-Jul-20 20:45:45

Downloaded the above which was on BBC1 on 12 July. Highly recommend. Sit back put feet up and listen to the fabulously talented Kanneh-Mason family.

dahlia Sun 26-Jul-20 19:27:38

We have been watching this programme, and found it to be an absolute delight. What a wonderful family (and friend!) who all seemed to be very close, and to have such talent, too. I don't know if either parent had a background in music, but the "children" were incredible talented and it was a real joy to share their lives for a short time.

Cabbie21 Sun 26-Jul-20 20:14:21

They are brilliant! I have seen and heard several of them perform in concerts.
For me it was the best programme this year. I particularly liked the way they admired and respected each other’s talents and listened attentively to their performances.
I wish I lived next door to them!

seacliff Sun 26-Jul-20 21:04:16

Thanks, I am really enjoying this programme. How proud the parents must be. I would never have sought this out but for kissngate and Gransnet. .