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Better Call Saul is the prequel you want

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miketom Thu 30-Jul-20 06:38:44

Vince Gilligan has proved his artistic skills again with a prequel series to Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul is more engaging and real with respect to the situations the characters are in. I'm not a film geek but they have done a pretty good job with the editing and cinematography. Acting performances are on-guard. I wonder why these folks haven't won an Emmy yet. Anyway, for the Breaking Bad fans, this is something you should definitely watch. There are 5 seasons on Netflix and the last one is being shot and I think it is scheduled to release in the next year. Anyway, it's a binge-worthy one. Try it.

Urmstongran Thu 30-Jul-20 07:21:34

I intend to, thank you. We recently binge watched the box set of BB during lockdown here and one of our daughters is raving about BCS. Definitely on our pre-Christmas viewing list!

Pantglas2 Thu 30-Jul-20 08:28:54

So I should watch Better Call Saul first and then Breaking Bad?

gillybob Thu 30-Jul-20 08:51:46

I loved Breaking Bad and just finished the 5th series last week . I was so sad when it ended as I was getting to know the characters as friends (well some I wouldn’t want to have as friends but you know what I mean) grin

I have watched the trailer for Better Call Saul and I think it will be great to see some of the familiar faces . I think the bent lawyer was such a good character . I also watched the follow up movie El Camino which was a kind of what happened next to Jesse . Worth watching too.

gillybob Thu 30-Jul-20 08:52:40

No Pantglas watch Breaking Bad first . It’s a very long watch mind you but well worth it .

Orangerose Thu 30-Jul-20 09:01:38

BCS is my favourite programme absolutely amazing acting and scripts. Can’t wait for last season!

TerriBull Thu 30-Jul-20 09:17:33

One of my sons is crazy over "Breaking Bad", so much so, he and some friends held a BB party when it finished so bereft were they. He gave us the box set for Christmas a couple of years ago and I have to confess I never got into it, a friend told me it's something you need to persevere with before the viewer becomes hooked. Wonder whether I should give it another go, same son also gave us "The Sopranos" before the lock down another series that I didn't really follow when it was on in spite of the rave reviews. I'm glad he did because it took a few episodes and was then thoroughly reeled in. I missed the characters when it finished, even though they were a thoroughly bad lot. We have Netflix so maybe I should watch this prequel and then start again with BB it certainly has its fans having achieved cult like status.

TerriBull Thu 30-Jul-20 09:19:03

Oh I see it's been suggested BB first so maybe do that.

GagaJo Thu 30-Jul-20 22:45:21

Oh I love Better Call Saul!!! Maybe even more than Breaking Bad. I had such a crush on Walter White, I bought my bloke a Heisenberg t-shirt and made him wear it.

Saul is a more believable character than Walter I think. Certainly more likeable.

vegansrock Thu 30-Jul-20 22:48:42

BB my all time favourite. Better call Saul is good but doesn’t have the range of characters.

Urmstongran Thu 30-Jul-20 23:07:44

I loved Mike in BB. 💙
I hear from my daughter his back story (why he became a bent cop) is explained in BCS.
A great reason to watch it this winter.

miketom Fri 31-Jul-20 06:08:51

Watch Breaking Bad first. It's at a slow pace but you will love it.
Better Call Saul is more engaging but you have to watch BB for understanding the scenario.

miketom Fri 31-Jul-20 07:09:13

Better call Saul

miketom Fri 31-Jul-20 07:10:38

Better Call Saul

pensionpat Fri 31-Jul-20 07:38:13

BB first. Then BCS. I have little crush on Mike. He can do anything.

Babs758 Sat 14-Nov-20 10:34:06

I loved “Breaking Bad” and have Netflix so think “Better Call Saul” will be my next fix! Another fan of Mike here :-)

henetha Sat 14-Nov-20 10:36:29

If you love Breaking Bad then you will enjoy BCS. They are amongst the best programmes ever made in the history of the world!

Lucca Sat 14-Nov-20 10:37:21

I ve never watched BB. Maybe now is the time

Babs758 Sat 14-Nov-20 10:43:25

Lucia , it takes a bit of getting used to but three episodes in I was hooked.

dahlia Sat 21-Nov-20 14:37:55

We loved "Breaking Bad" but think "Better Call Saul" is even better. After three series we really care about the characters, and it has just got better and better. The acting is so good, and it has the same sharp direction as "Breaking Bad", with plenty of humour, too.

Babs758 Sun 22-Nov-20 10:21:55

Now I have finished watching the Crown I am going to start on Better Call Saul :-)

Babs758 Fri 27-Nov-20 00:17:57

An update. I watched the first two episodes of BCS and loved it. Some “laugh out loud” moments and other bits I had to watch through my fingers. Quite Brilliant! Thanks for the recommendation.