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Being Frank

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Lucca Thu 05-Nov-20 22:32:30

Wonderful programme from Frank Gardner on bbc2. Well worth catching up if you missed it.

garnet25 Thu 05-Nov-20 22:36:48

Watched it so heartwarming, what a lovely man.

Callistemon Thu 05-Nov-20 22:55:39

We watched it too.
I was sorry to hear that he and his wife had parted but he seems to have found love again and looked happy.
He is so determined and independent,.
Featuring the other people, too, showed how life can change in an instant.

We saw him at Heathrow Airport a few years ago and yes, he is very goodlooking!

Calendargirl Fri 06-Nov-20 06:45:37

It was a really interesting programme. You had to admire his ‘just got to accept it and get on with it’ attitude.
Yes, sad about his marriage, but he was fulsome in his praise for his wife’s support and huge contribution to his recovery. They seem to have a very amicable relationship. It made me smile when he asked his daughter, after saying how great his wife had been, “You don’t think Mum will mind me mentioning that in the programme?” The daughter looked thoughtful and said, “No”.

Puzzler61 Fri 06-Nov-20 07:03:46

Frank’s life story so far made fascinating watching. Over the course of his career with the BBC he has visited more than 100 countries for work and leisure and despite his spinal cord and other injuries he still has the lust for more adventures.
It would be so much easier to just sit at a laptop and write thriller books (which he also does), but he’s not a man to settle for things just because he’s disabled.
His documentary will stay in my mind for quite some time.

Sar53 Fri 06-Nov-20 07:11:04

I also watched this as I think he is a remarkable man, such an inspiration to others who have spinal cord injuries.
I read his Autobiography some years ago and have also read the two thrillers he has written, both very good.

Lazyriver Fri 06-Nov-20 07:46:40

It was a good documentary and refreshing to see such an honest view on disability. A very brave and determined man.

Blinko Fri 06-Nov-20 08:56:47

I thought it was a very powerful and moving testament to the man, his life and his challenges. We need more of these kind of programmes from inspirational people who have overcome massive odds to lead their lives.

For one thing, shouldn't we all strive to gain insights into other people's issues and challenges.

And secondly, doesn't it make you appreciate what you've got?

GillT57 Fri 06-Nov-20 12:25:56

A very good, well made programme which illustrated, sometimes too openly, the difficulties facing people who suffer cataclysmic injury. The bit where he discussed his bowels and bladder, and the catheters and colostomy bags and showed the procedures he had to perform was difficult to watch but rightly so; we can turn our eyes away, he can't. I liked his comments at the end about disabled parking spaces and disabled toilets. A brave programme. Highly recommended

Sparkling Fri 06-Nov-20 12:34:27

A truly inspiring man. Found some if it difficult to watch but it needed showing. Certainly appreciate what I have. Everyday I witness people using disabled spaces and know of people using someone else’s card as if they are entitled. Haven’t the nerve to confront them though, as no there would be a screen.