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Sparkling Mon 09-Nov-20 06:23:11

I've enjoying this, but just the last minute through everything up in the air and changed it, clever writing.

kittylester Mon 09-Nov-20 06:40:07

Presumably there is another series on the horizon.

Aldom Mon 09-Nov-20 06:50:49

I was puzzled by the ending until I noticed the reference at the end to Series 1. Looking forward to the story developing at some point in the future.

kittylester Mon 09-Nov-20 07:15:53

DH and I have just been chatting about this and are not sure what the driver had to do with anything.

Can anyone help?

Calendargirl Mon 09-Nov-20 07:26:03

Fell asleep through most of it, so will have to re-watch!

Aldom Mon 09-Nov-20 08:13:51

Kitty Peter, PM, has guessed that Sydney, his driver leaked information from his 'missing' appointments diary to the journalist, Charmian Pepper. And she was killed in the 'hit and run'.

Charleygirl5 Mon 09-Nov-20 08:20:30

Aldom thanks for that. Last night's episode I thought was raced through leaving a few gaps so we do need another short series.

kittylester Mon 09-Nov-20 08:21:24

Thanks Aldom. Did we see her doing that? Must have dozed off!

LullyDully Mon 09-Nov-20 08:28:34

I enjoyed it. They often say 'Series one' even though a drama is a one off, but this one deserves more. Amazing how no one could be trusted.

Aldom Mon 09-Nov-20 08:49:15

Kitty I think Peter just put 2+2 together regarding his driver. She knows his movements, she's in a position of trust, access to documents when he is out of the car??? Don't think you dozed off and missed anything.

eazybee Mon 09-Nov-20 09:00:40

I noticed the driver watching Peter embracing a woman who might have been the mother of his 'new' daughter, but as that was before I too dozed off it may or may not be significant. I couldn't see Emma Cunliffe simply playing a chauffeur, but the producers are being very cagey about a second series.

dragonfly46 Mon 09-Nov-20 09:19:54

I thought the driver was in a relationship with a girl who knew the journalist. We saw her kissing her in the first episode.

Calendargirl Wed 11-Nov-20 06:54:08


I thought the driver was in a relationship with a girl who knew the journalist. We saw her kissing her in the first episode.

Yes, the waitress who floats about with the trays of canapés.

Sparklefizz Wed 11-Nov-20 09:57:18

I think there'll be a 2nd series.

Floradora9 Wed 11-Nov-20 16:17:32

We felt the ending was not complete and they might contiue the story .