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The Trump Story

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Alishka Fri 13-Nov-20 23:45:14

OK, so I'll binge watch them all tomorrow.Thanks, Luckygirl

Luckygirl Thu 12-Nov-20 11:42:28

I did not (could not) watch this till I knew result of US election; but I binge-watched all 3 episodes yesterday and I feel pretty despairing.

The man is a lunatic and a bully. He manipulated senate to acquit him when he was impeached, so no-one could have got rid of him, short of certifying him mentally insane.

The episodes where religion was brought into it all just made my heart sink. Mad evangelicals saying he was chosen by god. It is a sort of mass insanity and quite terrifying. It really made me feel sick. It confirmed my avoidance of organised religion.

What an evil nutter he truly is.