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Eamonn and Ruth axed from ThisMorning

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ajswan Wed 18-Nov-20 11:32:13

Eamonn and Ruth have been axed after 14 years. Twice I have watched Alison Hammond presenting and I am not impressed. Today, a couple of times Phil had to correct her and chip in when she made a mistake. It was reported that Eamonn and Ruth were devastated. I for one will not be watching on Friday when they will not be presenting. Alison Hammond is just not professional enough to take on this role.

sodapop Wed 18-Nov-20 13:13:44

Think we have already had a thread about this. I stopped watching the show with the presenters getting more idiotic by the day. Another poster said the show had bern dumbed down, how true.

Charleygirl5 Wed 18-Nov-20 14:00:05

I agree, other thread close by

blondenana Wed 18-Nov-20 15:05:32

Only last 50 threads shown, how can i find more?

fevertree Wed 18-Nov-20 17:07:16

Here is the other thread:

Soozikinzi Wed 18-Nov-20 17:57:36

I agree they shouldn’t have been sacked. Phil and holly should’ve been cut to three days IMO.

Mary59nana Fri 20-Nov-20 02:49:04

Totally agree with Phill and Holly being reduced to 1 day a week