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Sophia Loren as an old woman

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biba70 Thu 26-Nov-20 17:54:19

just watched a lovely film with Sophia Loren as an old woman - very moving. The Days Ahead, on Netflix.

merlotgran Thu 26-Nov-20 18:04:38

Sophie Loren is an old woman.

She looks great though.

Lucca Thu 26-Nov-20 18:46:28

Thanks! Need some more stuff to watch!

biba70 Thu 26-Nov-20 18:52:03

takes a lot of courage I think, for someone who has been admired all her life for her stunning looks, to agree to do a film where she is clearly old and not glamorous- playing the rôle of a poor woman, an escapee from a concentration camp.

NotSpaghetti Thu 26-Nov-20 20:37:04

I think her son was involved in the making of this. It's very much like her childhood apparently.

merlotgran Thu 26-Nov-20 21:25:28

Just watched it. Lovely heartwarming film.

Thanks, biba

biba70 Thu 26-Nov-20 23:27:22

Glad you enjoyed it. She agreed not to be glammed up, she is still a very good looking woman and could have refused to be seen as in the film. Yes, very moving.

CanadianGran Fri 27-Nov-20 08:12:41

I watched the trailer and it looks like a good movie. Will add it to my list to watch.

Sarnia Fri 27-Nov-20 08:18:36

I have always thought Sophia Loren a beautiful woman. I applaud someone like her who has embraced growing old naturally. Plastic surgeons haven't made a fortune out of her.

Jane43 Sat 28-Nov-20 21:38:53

I watched this last night and thought it was very good, the young boy who played Mo Mo stole every scene he was in. I noticed at the end that it was directed by somebody with the surname Ponti and since she was married to Carlo Ponti I wondered if it is her son and it is.

harrigran Sun 29-Nov-20 08:32:46

We watched some of this film but turned it off, thought it was dreary and the dubbing was poor.

Bathsheba Sun 29-Nov-20 10:55:18

A friend recommended this during the week and I keep meaning to watch it, but life keeps getting in the way wink. I must get round to it soon.

Bellanonna Sun 29-Nov-20 11:21:25

Thanks biba. I love Sophia and have made a note to watch it.

hollysteers Sun 29-Nov-20 11:31:17

Without being bitchy Sarnia, Sophia Loren did have a lot of cosmetic surgery.
She’s one of my favourite film stars, a one off and stars today don’t seem to compare.