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The Assassination of Gianni Versace

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hollysteers Wed 09-Dec-20 00:22:56

I’m late to the party with this, but just binge watched it on Netflix.
If it has already been discussed apologies. My daughter recommended it strangely, knowing how squeamish I am and I watched many parts hiding behind my IPad. I found it chillingly compelling. The killer was wonderfully portrayed, but why do American films show us so much gore? I really don’t need to see quite so much blood and gruesome scenes.
Anyone else seen it?

vegansrock Wed 09-Dec-20 06:39:47

Yes I watched it a while ago and it is a true story, and a pretty ghastly one at that. It was a good production and I enjoyed the glimpse of different lifestyles.

Galaxy Wed 09-Dec-20 07:52:03

I havent seen it but I listened to a podcast about the murder, it was deeply disturbing and very sad.

TerriBull Wed 09-Dec-20 08:26:09

I watched it when it was on BBC a while ago, whilst pretty grisly what I remember most about it was the young actor who played Versace's murderer, he was quite brilliant.

Jane10 Wed 09-Dec-20 08:31:07

I gave up on it. It was just too unpleasant. The young actor was almost too good!

Jane43 Wed 09-Dec-20 09:42:07

I also watched it a while ago when it was on BBC. At first I found it very repetitive and confusing because of all the flashbacks but as the young killer’s story unfolded it gripped me. Some of the details of the killings were hard to watch but no worse than a lot of the series today. I agree TerriBull the young actor was brilliant.

Kate1949 Wed 09-Dec-20 10:03:59

We watched it a while back. I agree the actor was brilliant. We liked it but found it a bit long winded.

henetha Wed 09-Dec-20 10:07:17

I saw it when it first appeared. I love true crime things so really enjoyed it. I was impressed by the actor Darren Criss, both for his acting and how much he resembled the real killer.
Brilliant stuff.