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Victoria Wood

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MissAdventure Sat 20-Feb-21 20:06:40

A Bafta tribute. smile
Just in case anyone fancies some gentle humour.

MissAdventure Sat 20-Feb-21 20:06:59

BBC 2.

lemsip Sat 20-Feb-21 20:56:12

thanks, now watching,,

3dognight Sat 20-Feb-21 21:34:19

What a talent she had, no sadly no longer here.
I wonder what she would have been writing now if she was still alive?

Luckygirl Sat 20-Feb-21 22:34:16

What a talent indeed - who else could rhyme "no-one to get pissed with" with Aberystwyth? Extraordinary woman in so many ways.

Cass64 Sat 20-Feb-21 22:43:03

Fantastic funny unassuming lady...

GagaJo Sat 20-Feb-21 22:58:59

When I am really low, I watch Dinner Ladies. Gentle easy to follow humour.

Mollygo Sun 21-Feb-21 00:14:38

Not just the BAFTA show but two more Victoria Wood episodes. What a lovely night, but so sad she’s gone.

muse Sun 21-Feb-21 00:24:31

I've recorded them all for days when I need a big lift.