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Daytime drama 'Doctors'

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GillT57 Sun 21-Feb-21 12:04:34

Following on from my irritation with 'Wanted Down Under', I must comment on 'Doctors'. Does such a practice exists? People walk in and get an appointment, GPs muse on the condition of a patient they haven't seen for some while and send a member of staff to 'check if they are ok', people walking past feeling a bit poorly, stagger in and get seen by a doctor immediately, even without the receptionist checking if they are a patient......Yes, I know I need to get out more........

Cass64 Sun 21-Feb-21 12:10:36

I watch it , its my half hour of braindead me time.

But yes, its about as realistic as DR Who !

Marydoll Sun 21-Feb-21 12:17:12

I watch it too. Pure escapism, whilst having my post lunch cuppa. The total antithesis of my own GP practice.
Covid doesn't seem to have reached Letherbridge yet. Let's all move there! wink.

GillT57 Sun 21-Feb-21 12:18:33

Yup Marydoll no covid19 there!

sodapop Sun 21-Feb-21 12:43:19

We enjoy it, escapism as Marydoll said. I like most of the characters and thought Mrs Tembe was far better in Doctors than she is in Corrie.
I'm not very discerning with TV watching at the moment but who cares.

Marydoll Sun 21-Feb-21 13:01:57

So that's where Mrs Tembe went! I wondered.

GagaJo Sun 21-Feb-21 13:10:37

I'm addicted to Doctors. Or at least I am when I am in the UK and get it, because I have never managed to find it on an overseas site.

Very sad, I know. But it is total switch off.

TerriBull Sun 21-Feb-21 13:21:46

I've watched it once or twice when I was laid up sick on the sofa. Years ago, but what I thought it gave out a false impression, insomuch as some patient or other would bump into their GP who appeared to have all the time in the world to listen to said patient talking about their concerns, that, and wandering in and getting an appointment pronto.

I felt the same about false impressions when I was forced to watch Thomas the Tank Engine with my children. I did try and explain to their 3 year old selves, rail travel isn't really like this, there isn't an inevitability that the carriage passengers travel on will end up de railed and in a ditch. That seemed to disappoint them sad

eazybee Sun 21-Feb-21 13:57:11

I love it, and was very sorry when Mrs. Tembe went; I cannot bear Bear or his stupid clothes.
But I do agree about all the follow-up home visits, the lengthy lunch hours, and the fact that the foster-mother is married to the policeman who is dealing with the foster children's case who are being seen by the doctor who works at the same practice where the foster mother is receptionist.

kittylester Sun 21-Feb-21 14:47:42

I love it!

maryrose54 Sun 21-Feb-21 14:51:41

Have watched it for years. Used to love Mrs Tembe and always enjoy Daniel and Zara. There are some very serious topics from time to time, but I really enjoy the witty exchanges between Valerie and Karen. My escapism.

Deedaa Sun 21-Feb-21 16:49:08

Well I did once walk off the street into our surgery with a swollen hand after a cat bite and was seen instantly. While DH was ill if I rang his GP I would get a call back usually within minutes. When I dragged the poor man out because we both had norovirus he brought some anti emetic tablets for DH and told me "I've put some extra ones in in case you need some yourself." A couple of weeks before DH died he turned up on the doorstep with a prescription because he thought I might not have time to come and collect it. I could almost have been in Letherbridge!

eazybee Sun 21-Feb-21 16:51:07

I was sorry when the large nurse who covered for Rhuma went; I think she would have been an interesting character to develop.

annodomini Sun 21-Feb-21 18:28:14

The last episode before Doctors went off the air was about Covid19. The patient was Rhuma who seemed to be about to expire, but at the end was seen to have recovered. Surely the staff should currently be involved in the vaccination campaign.

annodomini Sun 21-Feb-21 18:30:38

And how is it that the Icon bar is open during this period of lockdown?

Marydoll Sun 21-Feb-21 19:07:30

Anno, I'm so sorry to disillusion and upset you, but Doctors is fictional. However, if it was real, they certainly would have an exemption from Covid regulations. There is No Covid in Letherbridge! Even if there were any cases, this perfect practice would have eradicated it in the space of one episode.
I'm sorry if I have caused any upset. 😉

Jaxjacky Sun 21-Feb-21 19:44:46

Marydoll what, you mean it’s pretend? 🙂 x

Marydoll Sun 21-Feb-21 19:46:28

Oh dear, have I let the cat out of the bag? blush

PS. Karen really annoys me!

Nicegranny Sun 21-Feb-21 19:56:53

I’ve seen bits and pieces of doctors but not a whole episode.
Is it meant to be funny? I find some of the scenes lve seen comical.

Deedaa Sun 21-Feb-21 23:32:32

Nicegranny it varies a lot. Some of the storylines are very serious, dramatic even. others are amusing or broadly comic. Every so often they throw in a fantasy episode. A few years ago they had a week based on Jane Austen and there was another week when all the stories were based on Shakespeare sonnets. One of my favourites was a re enactment of M.R.James' Oh Whistle And I'll Come To You. Some people get really annoyed by these flights of fancy but I enjoy them. Much better than the doom and gloom of Eastenders.

Franbern Sun 28-Feb-21 09:32:33

I always so miss Doctors when it goes off air. I record it each day (although only four episodes a week now instead of the usual five), and watch it whilst having my tea. Also watch Neighbours at this meal. Gives me a good fifty minutes of happy, and very enjoyable fantasy in the early evening.

Don't we all wish that our GP practices were anything like The Mill.

ninathenana Sun 28-Feb-21 11:57:36

Franbern "Don't we all wish our GP practices were anything like The Mill"
When it comes to accessibility yes, however, there is far to much gossiping amongst all staff. I would hate to think I was being talked about the way some of their patients are.
Having said that, I do watch it every day 😀

eazybee Sun 28-Feb-21 13:03:53

I thought the recent episodes about the two teenagers Karen and her husband fostered were very moving, and the two people who played the teenagers were excellent, (probably older than they looked.) Thirty minutes of escapism.

sodapop Sun 28-Feb-21 13:33:17

I enjoyed that story line as well eazybee and I always like Valerie and her flights of fancy.

grannysyb Sun 28-Feb-21 13:52:57

I worked for a GP practice in the '90s on the afternoon shift as a receptionist. I was on my own, had to answer the phone, send people into the waiting room take script requests etc, I've looked at "Doctors," it bares no relationship to what I was doing.