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Red Joan on Netflix

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aquagran Fri 26-Feb-21 15:35:36

Watched and enjoyed Red Joan. Thanks for recommendation.

Mary59nana Fri 26-Feb-21 15:09:13

I am also watching 'Behind her eyes " just got the last episode to watch tonight as I binged watch it from 5pm last night and was gripped untill my eyes closed

AmberSpyglass Wed 24-Feb-21 23:32:12

Interesting you think it’s a gentle film - I haven’t seen it, but the book was quite suspenseful!

Floradora9 Wed 24-Feb-21 21:38:54

We really enjoyed it and are watching " Behind Her Eyes " now .

Airedale19 Wed 24-Feb-21 19:14:04

I think Judi Dench is brilliant as you forget who you are watching, and see only the character she is playing. With some other actors, you see the actor ‘in character’ and are always reminded of the actor rather than the character, if you see what I mean.

Casdon Wed 24-Feb-21 18:21:18

I saw it when it was on at the cinema, and really enjoyed it, so would also recommend.

Jane43 Wed 24-Feb-21 18:10:17

It is very good and anybody claiming on another thread that Judi Dench is an overrated actress who only ever plays herself should watch it.

Airedale19 Wed 24-Feb-21 15:53:52

I recommend this gentle film with Judi Dench playing an elderly woman who had been involved with espionage in her youth.