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Extraordinary escapes with Sandi Toksvig.

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shysal Thu 25-Feb-21 08:35:29

Is anyone else enjoying this series? I am loving the places she visits, but her interaction with a different female companion each week is hilarious! The one this week was comedian Sindhu Vee whom I hadn't heard of until she was on Richard Osman's House of Games and then another quiz, so three appearances in a few days! Looking forward to Pru Leath next week. It is on the channel 4 player but I shall wait.

Kim19 Thu 25-Feb-21 08:43:41

I stumbled on this little pot of gold quite by accident. Have watched all four episodes and thoroughly hope that more will be made. Very gentle and uplifting viewing for me. Undoubtedly there will be some who criticise the splendour of the venues rented but that was part of the joy for me. I love to be taken out of my own world and into a dream one. Lovely.....h

Aveline Thu 25-Feb-21 10:09:14

Sandi seems such great fun. Good company is always a treat no matter where you go.

ninathenana Thu 25-Feb-21 11:30:52

Kim19 I think there has already been a thread about the extravagance of it all.
I love the series, and love Sandi