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Recommend Inside Chernobyl with Ben Fogle ch 5

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Airedale19 Thu 04-Mar-21 16:30:04

I had recorded this, but I see that it’s on My5. This has encouraged me to watch the Chernobyl series which depicts the clean up operation.

Alegrias1 Thu 04-Mar-21 16:32:12

The Chernobyl series was incredible Airedale19. Very difficult to watch but absolutely gripping.

I haven't seen Ben Fogle's program so I will search it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

MayBee70 Thu 04-Mar-21 16:59:45

Chernobyl is amazing. I didn’t think I could watch it after being so terrified at the time but I was gripped by it. I can’t help but feel that Ben Fogle may have done serious harm to his health by going there. But it was fascinating to watch after seeing the series. I’d recommend the series first and then the Ben Fogle programme afterwards.

tanith Thu 04-Mar-21 17:05:40

I’ll have to catch up with this, my niece went there last year, strange girl, she said it was very eerie with lots of packs of dogs on the loose. There were places that were out of bounds but otherwise they seemed to just wander where they wanted. I don’t think I’d risk it.

MayBee70 Thu 04-Mar-21 17:34:21

Me neither. But good that it’s become a bit of a wildlife reserve though.

NellG Thu 04-Mar-21 19:28:41

Radiation is strange stuff, it hangs around in what are known as shine paths, so it's not like a gas that's everywhere and all encompassing. Plus there is surface contamination that can be measured and avoided. It's entirely possible, using certain equipment, to plot a relatively safe 'path' through a highly radioactive area. A certain amount of radiation exposure over a specified period of time is deemed acceptable and is measured using dosimetry. Contamination is different and dealt with differently. I doubt Ben Fogle was at too much risk, despite where he was.

Airedale19 Thu 04-Mar-21 19:58:26

I’ve just watched the first instalment of the Chernobyl series. It’s quite gripping. It’s made me search for more information on radiation sickness - one of those subjects which induces a mixture of fear and fascination.

MayBee70 Thu 04-Mar-21 22:35:39

Thanks Nell. That was fascinating. I was amazed that some people survived Chernobyl when others that had had the same exposure died.

NellG Thu 04-Mar-21 22:47:12

MayBee DH is the expert, it's his profession. Fascinating and scary stuff though. He once came home from work with his head shaved, he'd picked up some contamination and was stripped, showered several times and shaved as a precaution. All very dramatic!

Elrel Fri 05-Mar-21 01:16:29

I only watched Ben Fogle programme as there seemed nothing much on and was impressed in so many ways. So many revelations about the past and the present, the place and the people. Above all it revealed nature’s ability to reclaim places after human ‘progress’.

nanna8 Fri 05-Mar-21 02:21:07

I guess it is like cancer in a way- some are affected and some not even though the exposure is the same. That program was really good but very scary. I am glad in a way we don't have nuclear power here because I lack trust and there are some awfully stupid people in high positions in Australia.