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News of the World, film on Netflix, starring Tom Hanks

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gillyknits Mon 08-Mar-21 11:59:34

Watched this last night and really enjoyed it. Having read the book,I wondered what Hollywood would make of it. They did alter the story a little but only to make the characters more rounded. Tom Hanks is fabulous. Just the right steely character with a soft centre. It made me cry which is always the sign of a good film! Five stars for me

Jane43 Mon 08-Mar-21 12:16:38

I started a thread about this a couple of weeks ago and everybody who responded said they enjoyed it and what a great actor Tom Hanks is. Glad you enjoyed it too.

Redhead56 Mon 08-Mar-21 13:45:52

Fantastic film really enjoyed it and recommended it to everyone I know.

StatenIsland Mon 08-Mar-21 13:52:30

I also enjoyed News of the World. Look out for Helena Zengel in System Crasher - a very different film but what an extraordinary young actress she is.

glammanana Mon 08-Mar-21 14:14:08

Is this on NetFlix ?

toscalily Mon 08-Mar-21 14:15:49

I watched this yesterday and really enjoyed it.

glammanana Mon 08-Mar-21 14:16:03

How dopey am I its in the title thread sorry ladies having a blond day I think hmm

BigBertha1 Mon 08-Mar-21 15:12:08

We enjoyed it - love Tom Hanks.

tanith Mon 08-Mar-21 16:26:45

Thanks for the recommendation a lovely film.

silverlining48 Mon 08-Mar-21 17:38:42

We are coming to the end of modern family which has had us in stitches so thanks fir this recommendation. I start to panic a bit when I know we have to find a new series.

Redhead56 Mon 08-Mar-21 17:59:21

Schitts Creek is worth a look at. All four Prime and Netflix.