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The Repair Shop

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Sarnia Wed 17-Mar-21 14:03:29

The Repair Shop is such a joyous, uncomplicated programme. There are some heart warming stories behind the items brought along for repair and some emotional reunions when the owner returns to collect them. All of the restorers are very skilled craftsmen and women cheerfully repairing anything that comes their way. We never see any of the repairs that for whatever reason didn't succeed. I suppose there must be some but The Repair Shop is an oasis of calm for me.

Mapleleaf Wed 17-Mar-21 14:07:12

Yes it's a lovely series. There are some very skilled people on that programme.

Ilovecheese Wed 17-Mar-21 14:08:02

The photography is lovely too.

Ilovecheese Wed 17-Mar-21 14:09:28

I was trying to think if I had a favourite among the craftspeople but couldn't decide, they are all so good.

Magnolia62 Wed 17-Mar-21 14:16:40

Love it too. Inspired me to unstuff a 40 yr old Rupert Bear, check for any repairs and stuff with new stuffing which I have ordered on internet. The original stuffing was a mix of little polystyrene shapes and fluff which I removed outside and vacuumed up. So messy. I just hope my son will still love him when he eventually comes home as Rupert will feel a bit different being fully stuffed and having a different filling!

Amberone Wed 17-Mar-21 14:24:43

I love to watch Suzie working with leather, bringing it all back to life, and the lady who restores the paintings. And Will. And the lady who restores the ceramics. fact all of them. 😀

Kate1949 Wed 17-Mar-21 19:50:18

It's wonderful. smile

Katie59 Wed 17-Mar-21 19:59:22

Yes a very nice programme, nice stories, the experts will be well paid by the TV company as will the Weald and Downland Museum. Is very interesting to see what can be done if you have the right skills

JaneJudge Wed 17-Mar-21 20:01:24

I have a couple of friends of friends on it smile

I'm not sure they are very well paid though! grin

Alishka Fri 19-Mar-21 23:14:09

It's one of my must-watch programmes. Wonderful.

Elrel Fri 19-Mar-21 23:23:25

During the first lockdown my son and I started watching the Repair Shop ‘together’ though 100 miles apart. We kept our phones on FaceTime, often barely spoke but really appreciated our weekly ‘date’!

Alishka Sat 20-Mar-21 11:41:35


During the first lockdown my son and I started watching the Repair Shop ‘together’ though 100 miles apart. We kept our phones on FaceTime, often barely spoke but really appreciated our weekly ‘date’!

That's really lovely Elrelsmile
Wish I had someone I could share this programme with [sigh]

FannyCornforth Sat 20-Mar-21 11:59:05

I watched it yesterday by accident yesterday - I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it, DH loved it too, and it's always a rare treat when we enjoy the same thing on TV!
Garibaldi - the gorgeous little leather horse 😍
My only complaint - Jay's clothes. Not Jay of course, just his clothes.
We then watched a couple on iPlayer.
I was surprised that the episodes are an hour long, they fly by.

CleoPanda Sat 20-Mar-21 12:05:32

Started watching this a few years ago on the recommendation of a DIY repairer enthusiast friend. It’s so calming and gentle as the repairers and customers are so nice! I think it has such an “everything will get better” vibe that really works for me.

MaggieTulliver Sat 20-Mar-21 12:08:17

Yes, it’s one of my favourites too and such a clever concept. The skill and patience of the craftspeople is unbelievable. And to see the emotions on the faces of the owners when they receive their restored items back is so heartwarming.

Jane43 Sat 20-Mar-21 12:38:31

A friend of mine put me on to this wonderful programme. Her husband watches it with his two grandsons, well did before Covid. It is a very heartwarming programme and I too love to see the reactions of the people who brought in the items for repair.

Tizliz Tue 11-May-21 21:34:26

I think this series has finished, do hope they are making more as it is a delightful programme - no politics, no sex, no swearing or violence.

Juliet27 Tue 11-May-21 21:40:06

Does make me cry though!!

Elrel Thu 13-May-21 00:35:52

Truly heartwarming television.