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Drawers Off channel 4

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Deedaa Tue 23-Mar-21 22:35:17

I like the way the winning painting is chosen by the model each day.

tiredoldwoman Tue 23-Mar-21 18:14:34

Yes , I'm enjoying it too . Some are better than others , all are better than me . Portrait/Landscape Artist of the year on SkyArts is good too !

GrandmasueUK Tue 23-Mar-21 16:44:22

I’ve really enjoyed this tongue in cheek life-drawing art show. Five amateur artists take turns in tastefully posing for the other artists, who have varying ability. They then choose the winning daily painting. At the end of the week there is a final judging and a cash prize.

I admire them so much for having the courage to have a go at both of the activities. They do seem to have one person a week who has wonderful ... erm enthusiasm with a brush (mainly self-taught).

It’s just an easy to watch early evening light hearted programme.