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Between the Lines BBC4 Sunday 10pm

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chelseababy Tue 30-Mar-21 17:43:10

No problem, not watched it yet but I hear it has worn well

Calendargirl Mon 29-Mar-21 18:26:22

Sorry Chelseababy I started another thread, didn’t realise you had already done one.


Litterpicker Mon 29-Mar-21 17:51:27

Oh, I just responded to Calendargirl whose thread I saw first. Yes, it looks like we all fancied Neil grin.

gt66 Sat 27-Mar-21 00:36:19

Oh thanks for the heads up! I also used to watch it and really enjoyed it too!

chelseababy Fri 26-Mar-21 07:50:40

I used to love this in the 90s. Police corruption and also known as Between the Sheets! Wonder how well it has aged? Does anyone else remember it? I also had a bit of a crush on Neil Pearson!