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Line of Duty- cheat sheet re acronyms

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mamaa Sun 28-Mar-21 13:59:48

Thankyou Chestnut- I think if you tap on it it can be enlarged, but as you say there are others about. I hope we’ve had all of the acronyms now otherwise I’ll be even more lost regarding plot and who H might be wink

Chestnut Sun 28-Mar-21 13:21:58

That was thoughtful of you, but it's come through rather small to read.
This link was posted on another thread which has them.
Line of Duty Acronyms

mamaa Sun 28-Mar-21 12:13:44

Hello all, I came across this on Twitter and thought I'd share- it might come in useful for reference if we hear something unusual!
I also saw a 'Bingo' game- but that involved 'shots'- one downed each time a phrase or acronym on the bingo sheet was used.
Haven't shared that as I'm not sure its in keeping with the Gransnet ethos wink...