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Radio 3 is my choice for today

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Blossoming Wed 21-Apr-21 16:52:34

After flirting with Classic FM I thought I’d try Radio 3’s offering today. Some beautiful music, including Lithuanian composers in the afternoon concert. Now listening to New Generation Artists, I hope there’s a list of the pieces somewhere as I am hopeless at remembering such things. There was a female singer with such a lovely voice.

suziewoozie Wed 21-Apr-21 17:10:04

You can go on BBC Sounds and get full details of what’s been played - it’s cost me a lot of money over the years 😀

suziewoozie Wed 21-Apr-21 17:13:14

This is the screen shot for New Generation Atists

Blossoming Wed 21-Apr-21 18:19:27

Thank you very much suziewoosie! I’m finding it really soothing, sitting here hand stitching and listening to lovely music. I’m normally listening to an audiobook but can’t concentrate if I’m sewing at the same time.