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BBC 4 television not commissioning any more programmes

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MayBee70 Fri 23-Apr-21 00:06:59

And quite often they spread a programme out over an hour when it could easily only take half an hour. The good thing is I’m quite happy to watch repeats on BBC4 because I usually can’t remember most of the programme anyway but what is going to happen to all the people that make these wonderful programmes. They have so much more to offer us in terms of new programmes.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 22-Apr-21 20:52:50

BBC 4 was my favourite channel with its history and art history programmes. The Sky Arts channel isn’t too bad, but I record the programmes I want to watch so I can fast forward through the adverts. I have watched a couple of history programmes on channel 5, but like other commercial channels, they give a quick resume of what they have already said after every ad break. Drives me mad!

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 20:40:33

Peasblossom. The new director general has already got rid of The Mash Report so HIGNFY must be on his list of programmes to drop. I think we all need to write to the people that make the BBC 4 programmes eg Sam Willis, Dan Cruikshank (sp) to support them. One professor wrote an article about it in The Times the other day: must dig the article out.

Callistemon Thu 22-Apr-21 20:28:23

What’s HIGNFY?

Have I Got News for You, Peasblossom

Callistemon Thu 22-Apr-21 20:27:27

Yes, I think it was, I'd forgotten that.
More dumbing down and we are expected to pay for it.

Even if we never watch BBC we still have to pay - surely that cannot be legal?

Peasblossom Thu 22-Apr-21 20:23:31

Our go-to bbc channel as well washerwoman. Now there’ll be hardly anything to watch.

What’s HIGNFY?

Washerwoman Thu 22-Apr-21 20:19:17

We have watched a lot of excellent programmes on BBC 4.It is our go to channel when all the other drivel that seems to be appearing is on.
I'm really disappointed with this news.And yes although not quite the same quality will be watching more of Channel 5.Or reading a book .

keepingquiet Thu 22-Apr-21 16:23:35

How very sad. BBC 1 has become so trashy I hardly watch it. Just paid my license fee too. BBC radio is still worth every penny, especially podcasts, some excellent stuff on there.

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:09:29

Waste of time writing to he Director General I’m afraid. He’s been appointed to do just what he’s doing now. HIGNFY will be on his list. No educational programmes, no satire, nothing that criticises the government. We all know which way this is heading, don’t we....

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:07:13

BBC 4 is my favourite channel. I’m afraid we have a government that doesn’t want people to have access to programmes that might educate them. Thankfully Channel 5 do a lot of history programmes but I’m not sure if they commission them or not. Even so they’re not if the quality of BBC4. Wasn’t BBC 4 a sort of replacement for the Open University?

Artaylar Thu 22-Apr-21 13:44:01

I'm really sorry to hear about this; there have been many excellent and interesting programmes on BBC 4.

Regarding commercial channels - we only have Freeview - for the most part a line from a Pink Floyd track on The Wall album of 1979 comes to mind........15 channels of s..t on the TV to choose from.

MollyAA12 Thu 22-Apr-21 06:35:51

Is anyone else disappointed that BBC 4 is not going to commmission any new programmes? They have had excellent history programmes in the past and this will all stop.
To continue to rant. Why does the BBC have all these ridiculous presenters on? I will not watch the jewellry design programme because a silly comedian is rolling on the floor and making stupid comments.

I was browsing through the BBC website yesterday and there in the most graphic stuff I have read in an age, there are instructions on how to masturbate. What is wrong with the BBC? Whoever wrote this stuff is being paid out of my licence.

I am going away for a few days but I do intend to write to the Director General of the BBC about this stuff.

There seems to be a group of presenters who are put in a pack and then when a programme is put on, one is drawn out to act stupidly.

I have a great sense of humour but my goodness I do feel they are scraping the barrel sometimes. I still remember Matt Baker being pilloried for doing a bar-b-q when the beautiful Queen's Pageant was going down the Thames.

We live in the next village to where Tracy Borman, the hostorian, came from and she is a lovely, hard working person determined to make history interesting. Now she will not do any more programmes for the BBC. Every programme on the commercial channels has enough advertisements to drive me insane.

End of rant!