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Grans and Gramps, I need your help! School report to be read by the BFI...

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lanacoisetinne Sat 24-Apr-21 18:09:16

I am a current Marketing & Distribution student at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, Bucks. My course is currently compiling a research report for the wonderful British Film Institute (BFI) and I would love your help.

I am researching UK audiences aged 55 and over to help the BFI better analyse this group's relationship with film, television, and video games. The BFI will review my report in May and take several of my recommendations under consideration for their engagement strategy moving forward, so this survey is an excellent way of directly ensuring older voices will be heard by a major industry moving forward.

If you are in this group, or know someone meeting the criteria, please don't be afraid to take/pass along the survey - the link is attached to the bottom of this message. It's a fun quiz that makes you think about what you love to watch/play and should take less than 10 mins. You never know what you could Thank you so much!