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For Spiral fans -Time is a Killer

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GrandmasueUK Fri 21-May-21 22:55:16

A lovely new French drama with Gregory Fitoussi AND Thierry Godard from Walter Presents on Channel 4. I’m only part way through the first episode and I’m really enjoying it so far.

I’ve been missing the sound of the French language and loving this.

maytime2 Mon 24-May-21 09:43:00

Sorry GrandmaSue that I've taken so long to reply. I saw your post on Saturday and have started watching Time is a Killer. Watched 2 episodes so far and am enjoying it.
It is worth watching, it has an added bonus, the scenery of Corsica is beautiful.

GrandmasueUK Tue 25-May-21 12:09:58

So glad you are enjoying it. I finished watching it last night and agree, the scenery is stunning. I love all the twists and turns and the way the light changes when they are showing the past - with a golden glow - otherwise, I'd be lost!

glammagran Wed 09-Jun-21 22:19:08

I’ve read After the Crash by Michael Bussi but not this one. Great story and gorgeous scenery but some of the scenes aren’t that well directed and the acting isn’t the best at times. So many characters too! But I’ll stick with it. Gosh, I’ll miss Spiral or should I say, Engrenages!.

GrandmasueUK Wed 09-Jun-21 22:53:52

I agree it’s not award winning storytelling but the scenery is stunning and I’ve still not seen the last series of Spiral yet. I’m saving it up for a rainy day 😀

Eloethan Thu 10-Jun-21 00:18:11

Thank you for this recommendation. I am missing Spiral so hope this will be some sort of replacement.

Curlywhirly Thu 10-Jun-21 06:30:38

GrandmasueUK when is it on the TV? I loved Spiral so am interested in watching this.

GrandmasueUK Thu 10-Jun-21 16:05:02

It was on channel 4 and is available on all 4 as well, on catch-up. It's not as gritty as Spiral and Thierry Godard is not on as much as I'd have liked!

Curlywhirly Fri 11-Jun-21 07:41:26

Many thanks GrandmasueUK I will look forward to seeing Thierry again, even if only a few glimpses!

LullyDully Fri 11-Jun-21 08:25:46

I have seen the first episode and Thierry was just there to kiss his wife's neck as a comfort. I am sure he will have his part souped up in the next episodes. Maybe.

GrandmasueUK Fri 11-Jun-21 16:09:08

Thierry Godard was also in The Chalet on Netflix. I enjoyed the series, but he wasn't any kind of Gilou in that!