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Before We Die

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Calendargirl Thu 27-May-21 09:35:42

Anyone watch this last night, Channel 4, 9pm?

It starred Lesley Sharp as a detective with family issues, as per usual.

It got a good review on my tv page, but I was a bit disappointed. Felt rather ‘acted’, if that doesn’t sound too silly.

It’s a six parter, I shall watch again to see how it progresses.

Ilovecheese Thu 27-May-21 09:57:19

I was a bit disappointed as well, it is a shame.

henetha Thu 27-May-21 10:01:42

I recorded this because I was watching the Sewing Bee. So I will watch it this evening.

travelsafar Thu 27-May-21 11:02:41

I can't be bothered to watch dramas at the moment, its a small circle of actors and actresses and the formats are usually totally unbelieveable.

Soozikinzi Thu 27-May-21 11:23:54

I also thought there was something funny about the voices! I got my gusto stop and redwing the bit in the shop because I said the shop assistants voice didn’t see to match up ! I wonder if it was recorded differently because of the pandemic? The plot was quite intriguing though .

eazybee Thu 27-May-21 11:24:30

I switched off during the second bout of torture. Unpleasant.

Charleygirl5 Thu 27-May-21 11:46:24

I thought it a tad slow to start off with and we were well warned about the torture scenes. I enjoyed it and I will definitely watch at least another episode before I make a final decision.

Sparklefizz Fri 28-May-21 08:07:00

I was not impressed with it halfway through episode one. Now I see people mention torture, I'm out.

Funnygran Fri 28-May-21 08:12:30

Watched first episode on catch up last night. All seemed rather implausible and don’t think I’m really motivated to watch any more.

YorkLady Fri 28-May-21 09:09:30

Was quite looking forward to watching this over the weekend. Don’t think I will bother now. Thanks for your views.

henetha Fri 28-May-21 10:43:40

Oh dear. I started to watch my recorded episode and thought it was good, - until the torture scene. I just can't watch that.

GrandmaKT Fri 28-May-21 10:47:08

I too thought there was something strange about the production/sound. I was very aware that they were acting rather than being caught up in the plot.
The plot was also rather implausible (such as finding a mobile phone lying on the pavement in the high street 24 hours after it had been dropped!)

Lollin Fri 28-May-21 13:13:29

The torture scenes went too far and IMO were totally over the top only making it shocking. I’ve always said radio dramas are much more effective than tv when they do things like that. With regards to the overall drama,
I agree grandmaKT

Aldom Fri 28-May-21 13:24:16

I turned off about half way through. Absolutely nothing enjoyable about watching torture. Very disturbing and unpleasant.

seacliff Fri 28-May-21 14:07:57

I half watched 2 and a half episodes. I fast forwarded through the too many unnecessary torture scenes. Apart from that, I found the acting rather stilted and wooden, and I didn't care what happened. It didn't grab me, so given up now. Disappointed as I usually like Lesley Sharp.

I hear this was originally a Scandi Noir, probably a better version.

Calendargirl Fri 28-May-21 15:26:44

I agree about Lesley Sharp. She is a good actress, but I thought she didn’t seem right in this role. Her speech sounded stilted, her hair didn’t seem to suit her, I thought (uncharitably) that she looked so much older than I remembered her, (but don’t we all).

The scene in the ex husband’s home with their son seemed very odd.

Luckygirl Fri 28-May-21 17:14:00

I thought it was OK. I just shut my eyes during the torture scenes.

Calendargirl Mon 05-Jul-21 07:12:03

Did anyone keep watching this?

I couldn’t be bothered after episode one,

Just wondered if it improved?

BigBertha1 Mon 05-Jul-21 07:12:58

We did but I was glad when it ended.