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Innocent - ITV Series

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Chestnut Thu 27-May-21 13:00:35

Just finished watching this and thought it was pretty good. It starred Katherine Kelly. It was similar to the first series with Lee Ingleby, about a victimised person trying to prove they were not a murderer. Lots of red herrings and suspects. Definitely better than the average murder mystery of which there are many!

Shinamae Thu 27-May-21 13:02:01

I thoroughly enjoyed it

Chestnut Thu 27-May-21 14:11:40

It makes you realise what an advantage the Police have today, being able to trace mobile phone records and their locations, and of course DNA. Computers make everything so much easier. In the past they had only fingerprints and maybe traces of blood, hair and fabric, but no computers to help analyse everything.

timetogo2016 Thu 27-May-21 14:16:17

We really enjoyed it too.
It is amazing what the police can find out,criminals must hate them.

lemongrove Thu 27-May-21 14:24:58

I’m enjoying this drama, but not quite as hooked as the first series ( but then I’m a real Lee Ingleby fan.)
Lovely scenery too.Makes you think about how dreadful it is to be falsely accused and imprisoned.

Chestnut Thu 27-May-21 14:26:38

I'm not sure what we can say here without giving anything away! There were several suspects and we don't want to say who the killer was. I thought the new fiancée was dead dodgy from the start, she was obsessed with the husband. The victim's father was an angry man with a temper. Then there were two schoolgirls who had a thing about the victim. Then there was the victim's biological father, felt rather sorry for him!

Chestnut Thu 27-May-21 14:33:16

lemongrove I'm a real Lee Ingleby fan too! What I like is his voice, so clear you can hear every word he says even with an accent. I first saw him as Smike in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001 film). He made me cry my eyes out! Years later I saw Inspector George Gently and thought 'I know that person' then realised it was Smike! I've been a devoted fan ever since.

NotAGran55 Thu 27-May-21 14:37:40

We have just watched series and loved it . Really looking forward to binge watching series 2 on Sunday .

Loved Lee Ingleby in The A Word too.

Artaylar Thu 27-May-21 15:15:41

Loved this series and thought that Shaun Dooley as the detective was the best thing in it. Am hoping that ITV will commission a stand alone series led by the character played by Shaun who was brilliant in the role.

Kim19 Thu 27-May-21 15:24:56

I thoroughly enjoyed this too. Really tend to watch anything Katherine Kelly is in. Even accurately figured the culprit. Nothing clever on my part; a simple process of elimination. Must investigate the previous series. Hadn't even heard of it before reading this. Thanks.

Chestnut Thu 27-May-21 15:42:25

I think the first series is available on ITV Hub (catchup).
Here's a taster:

Kim19 Thu 27-May-21 20:47:03

Thanks for that, Chestnut. Appreciated.

Witzend Sat 29-May-21 08:56:33

I quite enjoyed it. Given that it’s the same writer as Unforgotten, though, I think I was expecting a bit more.
Dh thought it was pretty rubbish - he compares every crime-based thing to Spiral now.

Juliet27 Sat 29-May-21 09:02:55

Another Lee Ingleby fan here. I watched him recently in an old episode of Hustle

Nana4 Sat 29-May-21 18:12:06

My husband and I were disappointed with the final episode, thought the plot was far fetched. We have felt the same way about a lot of endings after a great buildup! But it was very good just the same. We did enjoy it and looked forward to it. Now we are excited about The Pact!!