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Movies which are never on!

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Chestnut Fri 25-Jun-21 14:58:43

I might be wrong here as there are now so many channels, but there seem to be some movies which are never shown and which I'd love to see again! These three for starters:
Nell (Jodie Foster)
Billy Budd (Terence Stamp)
The Collector (Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar)
Are there any movies you long to see again which are never on?

felice Fri 25-Jun-21 15:03:50

They are possibly not 'politically correct, or sexist etc'.
The Belgian channels still show old movies and I record them and binge watch.
The Flemish channels show them in English with sub-titles.

Chestnut Fri 25-Jun-21 15:55:21

I can't believe that! Some of the movies and dramas they show now are very violent, gory, sexual and much worse than those. It would be ridiculous if they considered those inappropriate.

Galaxy Fri 25-Jun-21 15:59:03

Nell is on Netflix or it was.

Vallotton Fri 25-Jun-21 16:00:25

It's worth keeping an eye on Talking Pictures TV to see if these ever come around. Or consider subscribing to Cinema Paradiso which has over 100,000 titles. Old school DVD hire but they have pretty much every film you can think of including the three you long to see. By comparison, streaming services are very limited. I do subscribe to Netflix, Amazon, BFI and Curzon for a mix of contemporary and indie films but Cinema Paradiso beats them hands down for vintage film and international cinema.

Kim19 Fri 25-Jun-21 16:03:53

Big night with Stanley Tucci would suit me fine but thanks for the other tips for research. Appreciated.

TwiceAsNice Fri 25-Jun-21 16:29:21

Sidney Poitier in To Sir with Love. My most favourite film of all time. I think he was gorgeous

Doodledog Fri 25-Jun-21 16:51:36

To Sir With Love was on TV very recently. It might still be in catch up if it was screened on a channel that has one.

Ilovecheese Fri 25-Jun-21 17:28:02


They are possibly not 'politically correct, or sexist etc'.
The Belgian channels still show old movies and I record them and binge watch.
The Flemish channels show them in English with sub-titles.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this is the reason, copies may be lost or whoever owns the rights may not wish them to be shown, as used to be the case with Stanley Kubrick's Straw Dogs.
I would like to see If again, which never seems to be on.

Chestnut Fri 25-Jun-21 17:50:19

Yes, I'd like to see 'If....' again as I loved the young Malcom McDowell. He was so edgy and had so much attitude!

Ilovecheese Fri 25-Jun-21 17:54:33

I couldn't even find it on DVD.

Chestnut Fri 25-Jun-21 18:18:15

Here it is: If.... on DVD
Perhaps the greatest complement to If... though is that, decades after is initial release, it is not only recognised as one of the finest British films ever made, but is regarded in many quarters as a classic of cinema full stop. And if you have not yet had the pleasure, this DVD release finally, belatedly, can open the film up to a whole new audience. Let's hope it does. --Jon Foster

Soroptimum Fri 25-Jun-21 18:24:32

Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources. Absolutely beautiful films, never on TV.

Jane43 Fri 25-Jun-21 18:32:09

I watched Nell quite recently, I think on Netflix. It was lovely to see Liam Neeson with his wife who was a beautiful woman.

Chestnut Fri 25-Jun-21 18:33:08

I'd like to see 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood' but it doesn't seem to be on Netflix. I see it's on Cinema Paradiso!

Also would like to see 'Phil Spector' (the movie with Al Pacino and Helen Mirren). Not sure if that can be found anywhere.

Ilovecheese Fri 25-Jun-21 19:22:03

Thanks Chestnut

Vallotton Fri 25-Jun-21 19:23:03

Phil Spector was an HBO made for TV film from David Mamet which might explain why it isn't on Cinema Paradiso but it is available on Amazon Prime to rent or buy.

Jane43 Sun 27-Jun-21 11:08:01

Chestnut I wanted to watch Once Upon A Time In Hollywood after ny granddaughter told me about it but it is on Sky Cinema which you have to pay an extra subscription for evennif you have Sky tv which we don’t. So I took out a free month’s trial of Now TV, I had the Entertainment and the Cinema packages, could have had Sport too but I didn’t want it.

NanKate Sun 27-Jun-21 11:15:30

Sidney Poitier again in Deadly Pursuit.

Chestnut Sun 27-Jun-21 11:23:00

I bought Billy Budd on DVD and then someone borrowed it. Foolishly I didn't write down who it was and never got it back! It cost a fair bit too. Very good movie and Terence Stamp is so beautiful and young. That one is NEVER on TV for some reason.

Deedaa Sun 27-Jun-21 23:23:13

Two of my 60s favourites were Morgan A Suitable Case For Treatment with David Warner and Vanessa Redgrave and The Knack with Michael Crawford and Ray Brooks. Both black and white and very 60s. I loved If as well.

Chardy Mon 28-Jun-21 07:22:19

Amazon has copies of Billy Budd DVD on sale

Chestnut Mon 28-Jun-21 09:36:06

Some of the early 1960s new wave (kitchen sink) dramas can be seen on Talking Pictures, A Kind of Loving, Woman in a Dressing Gown, This Sporting Life and so on. I was too young to see them at the time but have seen them recently. All good movies.

Calendargirl Mon 28-Jun-21 09:50:43

I enjoy ‘Discovering Cary Grant/ Orson Welles/ Joan Crawford et al’ on Sky Arts.

Some of their earlier films, 40’s/50’s/60’s, are shown as clips. I have never seen the film, and they never seem to be on any channel either.

Chestnut Mon 28-Jun-21 14:36:06

The 'Discovering......' series on Sky Arts is amazing. They have done all my favourite actors with a detailed analysis of their lives and careers. There are so many clips from their movies that are never shown on TV.
Some years ago I bought Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on DVD as I hadn't seen it it many years. Then they did a drama series on the Crawford and Davies feud and also showed the movie on TV!