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Hemingway Documentary on BBC 4

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Jane43 Mon 28-Jun-21 22:12:42

I am a fan of Ken Burns documentaries and his documentary of Ernest Hemingway begins on BBC tomorrow, I believe there are three parts.

MayBee70 Tue 29-Jun-21 13:05:31

Thanks for that. I keep forgetting it’s on. I’ve loved the Burns documentaries ever since watching a particularly gruesome one about the Donner party years ago. How they can get so much atmosphere into their documentaries using just photographs and letters is beyond me. I did read a review if the Donner party documentary which said how hypnotic it was which made me feel better about being so fascinated by it. When we went on a coach tour of the American West I watched both the American West and Civil War documentaries before we went. There was also a documentary about Coney Island that was fascinating, too.

Alishka Tue 29-Jun-21 13:11:43

I'll be watching. Thanks for the reminder smile

Jane43 Tue 29-Jun-21 21:43:27

Yes the Civil War documentary is very good and so is the recent one about the history of Country music. There are six episodes in total, not three.

Jane43 Tue 29-Jun-21 21:45:44

I’ve just realised Jeff Daniels is doing some of the narration, I’m a huge fan of his.