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The Father

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BlueBelle Sat 10-Jul-21 21:21:38

Has anyone seen this? I went yesterday, what a powerful film beautifully and cleverly written and wonderfully acted by Anthony Hopkins and the rest of the cast
I was in shreds at the ending

Infinity2 Sat 10-Jul-21 21:46:15

I haven’t seen it but have read about it. It sounds a wonderful film, but for a lot of us, dealing with issues too close to home. Anthony Hopkins is a marvellous actor. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You must have a good heart to be moved by it, bless you.

BlueBelle Sat 10-Jul-21 22:28:22

Nan and Mum so it was very close to me
I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it but it was a very well made film and well worth a visit

Kate1949 Sat 10-Jul-21 22:35:15

Yes we've seen it. Very powerful. Anthony Hopkins was marvellous. As usual.

Infinity2 Sat 10-Jul-21 23:13:49

BlueBelle - I’m sorry if my post was insensitive, and I am sorry to hear about your mum and grandma. 🌻

GagaJo Sat 10-Jul-21 23:57:38

Good film, but so hard to watch. I did it in 3 sittings, retreating into something lighter when it got too much for me.

BlueBelle Sun 11-Jul-21 06:01:31

Infinity no problem, you didn’t know
I spent a lot of tough years as many of us do
I was just glad I was in the dark cinema my mask was a bit wet 😢

Sarnia Sun 11-Jul-21 11:10:28

There is already a thread on this film. An excellent film with beautiful performances from Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman. Another, more gentle film dealing with dementia on at cinemas at the moment is Supernova with Colin Firth. Set in the beautiful Lake District, it is well worth watching.

BlueBelle Sun 11-Jul-21 18:09:57

I looked all through the Film and tv forum and couldn’t see anything sorry if I ve duplicated It’s only just come to my town

Infinity2 Sun 11-Jul-21 18:50:20

I can’t find any other thread about the film 😳

nadateturbe Mon 15-Nov-21 21:09:32

Just watched this with my husband. Anthony Hopkins was superb. But brought back too many sad years. We both cried. I wish I hadn't watched. OH will not choose the next film. Off to watch some comedy ..with a glass of wine.

Sago Tue 16-Nov-21 08:35:27

I thought it was so depressing, not an easy watch..

Witzend Tue 16-Nov-21 08:42:59

Is it about dementia? If so, I won’t be watching it - I’ve witnessed far too much of that horrible disease.
I’m sure Anthony Hopkins is brilliant in the role, though.

Having said that, though, I’m all in favour of films or TV that show the day to day, true realities of dementia. So many people who’ve had little or nothing to do with it, like to think it’s just a case of a nice old thing gently getting more forgetful.
If only!

Namsnanny Tue 16-Nov-21 10:47:52

Yes Witzend it's about dementia, as seen from the sufferers point of view.
The audience is thrown off balance by having the same experienced as the Father does., ie different people answering to thensame name (not recognising who really is that person). Or suddenly able to put on a grand performance and seem relatively ok.
Yes it is a hard film to watch. I saw it with my son. I worried for ages that he would balk at the enormity of the illness, and it would affect our relationship.
I just worry about everything connected with growing old sometimes!blush

TerriBull Thu 20-Jan-22 09:31:14

Amazon Prime now have "The Father" as others have said a hard film to watch but an amazing performance from Anthony Hopkins what a first class actor he is as he regresses throughout the film from confused to an almost infant like state. Very good supporting cast who leave the viewer also in a confused state as in every appearance they contradict what they have previously said, at times changing characters, giving a frightening feel as to what it must be like to experience loss of memory.

Lovetopaint037 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:35:05

Yes saw this on Amazon. It was well done and really well acted. However, it made us feel uncomfortable. My mother died with brain damage and it was heartbreaking. I am 80 and dh 82. Our memories are extremely faulty and I dread this terrible disease more than any other. After the film finished we turned back to normal tv in a desperate attempt to cheer ourselves up.

AGAA4 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:55:09

I saw it a few nights ago. Anthony Hopkins acted the part of a dementia sufferer so well.
I found it unsettling and thought of an old friend who was diagnosed with vascular dementia 3 years ago.

Namsnanny Thu 20-Jan-22 12:52:24

Lovetopaint, AGAA I agree it is a hard one to watch. If I wasnt at the cinema (trying hard to hide the tears), I think I would have paused it quite a few times.
My son who was with me and quite a sensitive soul, actually didnt feel the same way about it as I did.
I think if you have experienced this disease in any way, its unforgetable.
The young feel they are invincible.

avitorl Thu 20-Jan-22 20:10:45

I watched in on Amazon.It left me feeling I should book a one way ticket to Switzerland! I am terrified of getting Dementia.
Very well acted though.

Namsnanny Thu 20-Jan-22 23:06:31

I know what you mean avitor1smile I usually avoid this type of program.

MayBee70 Fri 21-Jan-22 01:23:24

One of my dearest friends has been diagnosed with Altzheimers and, along with grieving for the loss of our shared memories, it has absolutely terrified me. I did see one episode of a series on tv late one night that featured people with early onset dementia that was quite upbeat but, apart from that it’s a subject I tend to avoid. Having said that, I feel I need to know more so I can understand what’s happening to my friend.

AGAA4 Fri 21-Jan-22 16:15:23

It is a terrible illness. My friend, having been a competent business woman always well dressed, became very difficult and
very confused.
I felt so sorry for her DH. She actually called the police to complain that he was coaxing her to clean her teeth and have a wash.
He refused to have her put in a home even though his own health was deteriorating and sadly he died suddenly a few weeks ago. I believe he was a victim of dementia as much as she is.