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Downton Abbey on ITV3

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travelsafar Sun 11-Jul-21 09:13:37

I'm not sure how but i appear to have been recording the above every weekday. I am thrilled as it has given me the series right from the very first episode. I have quite a few episodes to go through which is lovely as i am not a sports fan and what with football and Wimbledon it has given something i enjoy to watch. Maggie Smith is a dream with her expressive face and quick wit, she makes the show for me. Anyone else found a recording they didnt know about and been happy? I also record all the re-runs of Upstairs Downstairs on Talking Pictures but, i do know i am doing that. smile

Infinity2 Sun 11-Jul-21 09:32:41

I’ve been recording Downton off ITV 3 ! I’m up to Lady Mary dallying with that newspaper man, played by Ian Glen. He’s one of my favourite actors. Would make a magnificent Macbeth !

FannyCornforth Sun 11-Jul-21 09:37:16

I came late to the Downton party via ITV3 a few years ago.
I’m jealous that you’ve got so much enjoyment ahead of you travelsafar! It gets better and better smile

Aldom Sun 11-Jul-21 09:41:12

Travelsafar I haven't recorded Downton, but I am watching the series, and enjoying it even more than I did the first time round.

Beechnut Sun 11-Jul-21 09:55:31

Another latecomer here. I started watching last year just before Lady Edith got jilted. This year I’ve been able to start from the beginning. I love it!