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For Carole King fans..9pm tonight

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Grannynannywanny Sat 17-Jul-21 20:49:00

Just noticed a 2hr 15min performance starting 9pm on Sky Arts. Called Welcome to My Living Room.

Kamiso Sat 17-Jul-21 20:57:23

Thanks. Checking it out now!

Blossoming Sat 17-Jul-21 21:00:13

I love Carole King

Cherrytree59 Sat 17-Jul-21 21:02:14

Thanks 👍
So glad spotted your post grannynannywanny
We have recorded it and also Joanie Mitchell that follows.

Grannynannywanny Sat 17-Jul-21 21:08:26

Thanks Cherrytree59, I hadn’t noticed Joni Mitchell was following. I’ll record that for tomorrow night.

Jane43 Sat 17-Jul-21 22:14:36

Thanks for the heads up. I will watch it on catch up tomorrow.

gmarie Sat 17-Jul-21 22:25:48

Oh, shoot. Won't see it in the US. Her Tapestry album was one of the first albums I bought in my teens!

MerylStreep Sat 17-Jul-21 22:30:32

Hers was the first single I ever bought.
It might as well rain until September.

gmarie Sat 17-Jul-21 22:35:04

I could never decide which version of "You've Got a Friend" I liked better - hers or James Taylor's! Definitely enjoyed her ending better, though. smile