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Netflix film Esio Trot

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Littleannie Sun 22-Aug-21 09:16:41

Susie42 The film you are thinking of is Last Chance Harvey.

Redhead56 Sat 21-Aug-21 14:05:16

On my watch list Thanks

Susie42 Sat 21-Aug-21 14:03:42

There's a film with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, and I think it's called "Last Chance". It's another gentle comedy in a similar vein to Esio Trot.

DillytheGardener Wed 18-Aug-21 23:26:24

I loved it too when it first came out, gentle and heartwarming. Remember reading the Roald Dahl story to my kids.

JenniferEccles Wed 18-Aug-21 23:12:37

It’s lovely isn’t it?
I remember watching it on tv a few years ago during the Christmas holiday.

GagaJo Wed 18-Aug-21 14:22:53

Love that film. Sweet and gentle.

Shandy57 Wed 18-Aug-21 13:32:45

I loved that film too, so beautifully acted. I did worry about the tortoises hanging there!

Redhead56 Wed 18-Aug-21 13:30:15

I love Judy Dench what a wonderful actress she is she looked lovely in the film. I had tears of joy in my eyes as it was such a pleasure to watch.

Rosycheeks Wed 18-Aug-21 06:43:12

Oh I loved that film Judy Dench was really good in it such a lovely film I wanted a tortoise after watching it. I like films when it looks like the actors are enjoying being in it.

BlueBelle Tue 17-Aug-21 21:22:47

I saw it a good while ago and loved it

sodapop Tue 17-Aug-21 21:14:29

Lovely film, saw it some time ago but its one I remember.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 17-Aug-21 17:06:26

I loved it. How stupid am I, took me a while to realise why it had that name!🤣

Littleannie Tue 17-Aug-21 16:29:49

This film stars Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman. It's a lovely feel good film with gentle comedy. Highly recommended.