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Acorn TV

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Littleannie Sun 22-Aug-21 14:10:33

Has anybody got Acorn TV?
Is it reliable? Is it worth the cost? Is it easy to cancel?

FannyCornforth Sun 22-Aug-21 14:21:28

I’ve got it. It’s okay.
Not as good as BritBox, I’d get that instead of I were you.
It’s got more choice. Acorn tends to have older programs if I remember correctly.
I subscribed to Acorn as a substitute for BritBox, as I’m on Virgin, and up until recently you couldn’t get BritBox on Virgin.
You’ve reminded me that I ought to cancel it, thank you!

Littleannie Sun 22-Aug-21 14:48:28

Thanks FannyCornforth. I've had Britbox since it started!