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Rosycheeks Mon 23-Aug-21 07:14:26

Ive just watched this new show on Alibi on catch up.
I really like Nicola Walker in everything ive seen her in and she is good is this too but I found it very weekly afternoon drama if you know what I mean.
Im surprised she is doing this after Unforgotton which was brilliant from the beginging, but this seems a step down.
I will carry on watching just to see if it improves.

GrandmaTrisha Mon 23-Aug-21 07:33:09

I totally agree, I was disappointed too. It seemed a bit ‘comedic’ in parts, all that talking to the camera business. She also seemed to be playing a ‘typecast role’…….prickly cop, single mother, troubled teenager.

My husband thought it was great but the jury’s still out with me.

BlueBelle Mon 23-Aug-21 07:54:47

What’s Alibi?

GrandmaTrisha Mon 23-Aug-21 08:09:15

It’s one of the ‘free view’ channels.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 23-Aug-21 08:18:45

It’s a follow on from a wonderful Radio 4 series in which she alone tells the story, so they’ve kept the talking to camera as Nicola does such a brilliant job on her own. Originally based in one of the Nordic countries, if you can find it on catch up you may warm to the tv version.

BlueBelle Mon 23-Aug-21 08:34:30

Well I m on freeview so any idea of the channel numbe grandma I ve never noticed that name ?

GrandmaTrisha Mon 23-Aug-21 08:43:38

Apologies, it’s one of the Sky / Virgin channels so paid for……😳

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 23-Aug-21 08:44:01

Sorry Bluebelle, Alibi is not on freeview, it’s on Sky, Virgin, etc.

Littleannie Mon 23-Aug-21 08:45:45

I may be wrong, but I don't think it's on Freeview Bluebelle. It's a Sky channel.

Littleannie Mon 23-Aug-21 08:46:17

Crossed post!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 23-Aug-21 09:02:10

We recorded it, thinking as Nicola Walker was in it it would be good. We really enjoyed Unforgotten. As always she played her part well, though I didn’t care for the talking to the camera, but it was very disappointing overall and I was surprised she accepted the role, I agree it seemed a real step down. Have only watched the first episode but don’t think we’ll bother with the rest.

BlueBelle Mon 23-Aug-21 09:20:43

Ahh well that’s me gone I don’t have sky

Cnash Mon 23-Aug-21 09:32:03

Has anyway dealt with carpet moths? How do I get rid of them before I replace the carpet?? Never encountered them before

annsixty Mon 23-Aug-21 09:44:11

Sorry I can’t help with this one but if you start a new thread under House and Home you will get more attention .

Kate1949 Mon 23-Aug-21 09:56:02

I watched it. I thought it was daft.

Sarnia Tue 24-Aug-21 07:52:36

Why is it a step down? Why are posters surprised she accepted the role? She's an actress, isn't she? Nicola Walker obviously thought differently. I watched it and enjoyed it. The whole story in one episode. I am looking forward to the others.

Chardy Tue 24-Aug-21 11:26:37

Like Rosycheeks, I think Nicola Walker being in a programme means it's worth a watch.
I wasn't overly enthusiastic with episode 1, but I'm recording the series, so I may watch the rest. These things often take a while to bed in.

Chewbacca Tue 24-Aug-21 11:42:06

The Annika Stranded series is currently available on BBC sounds. 4 series in total I think. Maybe this is something that's better on audio than visual?