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synchronising viewing with distant family

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Cabbie21 Mon 06-Sep-21 16:43:46

Is this a thing?
Dh watches F1 and yesterday he did not watch the race live, but planned to watch it today on catch up at the same time as his daughter. I suppose it is a way of connecting, but I have not come across this idea before. I only found out because I walked through the room and he had paused the TV. I asked if the race was over and he said no, but his that daughter was watching it at the same time and she had to take a phone call, so he was waiting to catch up.
Is this a thing people do?

Silverbridge Mon 06-Sep-21 17:16:45

Yes and not only with family. You can set up formal Watch Parties to watch content and chat through apps such as Amazon, Netflix, and Disney. It's not for me as I like to watch without being being distracted but appeals to people who like communal stuff.