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Celebrity Gogglebox

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Aveline Fri 10-Sep-21 21:25:04

Black celebs only? Whatever happened to diversity?

Doodledog Fri 10-Sep-21 21:25:59


Doodledog Fri 10-Sep-21 21:28:05

Not that it matters in the least, and not that it would have been commented on had it been an all-white cast, but here you go

JaneJudge Fri 10-Sep-21 21:29:49

it's black to front week on channel innit babe
love it smile

Alegrias1 Fri 10-Sep-21 21:40:16

I hope you didn't stay around for the adverts Aveline, you'll have self combusted. 😂

Aveline Fri 10-Sep-21 21:40:40

That explains it. I was just expecting the usual mix of people including people of middle and older age.

Alegrias1 Fri 10-Sep-21 21:44:51

Mr Motivator 's there, he's no spring chicken.

Doodledog Fri 10-Sep-21 21:48:16

He's no less annoying, either😂

Jaxjacky Fri 10-Sep-21 22:01:06

Part of Channel 4’s Black to Front day today.