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Silent Witness ,this week?

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avitorl Wed 22-Sep-21 15:20:44

Is it just me or did anyone else find Silent Witness difficult to follow this week?
The storyline seemed very complicated and even after watching both episodes I'm not sure I completely understood it. I found it complex, but not gripping, and wished I hadn't wasted time watching to the end.

Calendargirl Wed 22-Sep-21 16:18:06

I haven’t watched it since Amanda Burton? talked about the deceased being ‘ a well nourished female’ and French and Saunders parodied it with ‘Witless Silence’. 😂

Is that what stopped me viewing it?

toscalily Wed 22-Sep-21 16:23:31

I think it seems to have lost it's way, story lines are not the best, some of the actors don't seem to be of the same calibre as previous series and with the change in the set up, no Head of department, no Clarissa and the latest employee killed off so quickly I don't that it is worth watching anymore.

tanith Wed 22-Sep-21 16:25:42

I lost the thread completely why do they have to over complicate things.

NotSpaghetti Wed 22-Sep-21 16:40:45

I didn't lose the thread but thought it was dull.

Nearly as dull as Vigil!

BlueBelle Wed 22-Sep-21 16:46:57

I didn’t lose the thread but it didn’t hold me enough to watch the second one

Aldom Wed 22-Sep-21 16:49:46

I've stopped watching Silent Witness. Instead I've been following The Night Stalker which is a true story. Very interesting. I see nothing wrong with a pathologist referring to a well nourished female If the reverse was the case it would be a malnourished female. Purely a statement of fact.

Ilovecheese Wed 22-Sep-21 18:55:00

I really enjoyed this episode!

H1954 Wed 22-Sep-21 19:01:06

I thought it was a bit far fetched to be honest. Jack has gained a bit of weight, Nikki is wearing far too much slap and I really miss Clarissa. Just saying

Poppyred Wed 22-Sep-21 19:28:08

Wow it was brilliant this week!

GrandmaTrisha Wed 22-Sep-21 19:36:15

Whatever has happened to Nicki’s American fiancé? He never gets mentioned at all………

Calendargirl Wed 22-Sep-21 22:15:32

I didn’t find anything wrong with ‘ the well nourished female’ phrase Aldom. It was just how I remember the programme from the early days, when it seemed very good.

Yes, I also realise the opposite would be ‘malnourished’.

Mapleleaf Wed 22-Sep-21 22:33:01

I stopped watching years ago, as it became totally unrealistic. Pathologists present during police interviews with a suspect, conducting the interview alongside the police officers? I don’t think so ...

Deedaa Wed 22-Sep-21 22:37:18

I loved this week's story. DH had a blood cancer so i am pretty well informed when it comes to stem cells and transplants. I have to admit that Adam doing the bone marrow biopsy on the corpse brought back some unpleasant memories, especially dropping the little pink piece of bone marrow into the flask. I liked the whole idea of the surgeon being murdered by an unconscious and kicked myself when they realised the DNA was from the donor blood. Like Calendargirl I stopped watching Amanda Burton after French and Saunders (sorry Amanda they were just too good)

Lincslass Wed 22-Sep-21 23:21:48

Still enjoy the series, but we all miss Clarissa, this weeks two parter was excellent in its complexity. Shame Adam was killed off, but suppose their was no story left when his lies were disclosed, although poor man did try and make amends. The pathologist was just saying what pathologists do, family were in the profession.

Deedaa Wed 06-Oct-21 12:41:40

I see Amanda Burton will be appearing in next week's Silent Witness. Wonder if I will be able to watch without seeing Jennifer Saunders?

Lovely seeing Sian Phillips in it this week - and being a killer at 88!

Marmight Sat 09-Oct-21 13:47:45

Ive been catching up on the latest series on iPlayer. Enjoying it but it seems to me that Jack & Nikki (who seems to have lost the plot when it comes to her love life)with the recent addition of Simone after the untimely departure of Adam under a car, are running the forensic department ‘single’ handedly- not a researcher, secretary or cleaner in sight. The police seem to be very low on numbers too. The odd uniform appears for an arrest, otherwise the DS seems to work alone especially now the DI has gone on to pastures new in NSW. Perhaps the Beeb are cutting back too! 😉