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A Killing in Tiger Bay

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Eloethan Sun 26-Sep-21 14:21:43

Did anyone watch this documentary?

I had completely forgotten about this terrible crime where a young woman was found dead in a flat, viciously stabbed.

The ensuing investigation pointed towards a man who was seen on the day of the murder, distressed and with blood on his hands, outside the block of flats by a witness. But this strong lead was quickly ignored and instead the young woman's boyfriend, together with some of his associates, was charged and found guilty.

It was a brilliant series of 3 episodes and I found it infuriating but absolutely riveting.

Marthjolly1 Sun 26-Sep-21 14:34:38

Yes I watched it. It was an excellent production. I also had a sleepless night following, feel very angry at all of the investigating officers for the wrong and the harm they did to the five wrongly convicted and their families as well as to the family of the victim. The whole story can be found on google -The Cardiff 5.

Eloethan Sun 26-Sep-21 17:34:13

What enraged me the most, apart from the obvious miscarriage of justice, was the fact that the documentary evidence was conveniently "lost" at the officers' trial and they got off scott free.