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The Goes Wrong Show.

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Deedaa Fri 01-Oct-21 19:47:53

I loved the legal drama when the set had been built in the wrong scale and they were trying to crawl through the tiny doors.

Visgir1 Thu 30-Sep-21 20:31:00

Brilliant and Bonkers! Love it!

Nandalot Thu 30-Sep-21 16:48:35

I was disappointed in the previous series but went to the theatre to see ‘The Burglary That Goes Wrong’ which was amazing. They did incredible tricks with the set. Even the reluctant friend who came with it was impressed.

felice Thu 30-Sep-21 16:05:56

I love these shows, I was involved in Amdram for many years and some of the scenarios are so so true.
I recorded the latest one and DGS and I watched after school, he loved it and has watched it 3 times so far. He keeps pointing out other things going on in the backgrounds.

Grandmabatty Thu 30-Sep-21 15:20:29

I saw them in theatre doing Peter Pan and then the next time The play that goes wrong. They are hilarious in real life. In fact it's better I think than on tv. Still good though.

lemongrove Thu 30-Sep-21 15:15:33

Yes, Peter Pan Goes Wrong was by far the best, others vary a lot don’t they?One or two seem to be trying too hard.
If there are posters who haven’t seen any, definitely worth a go.

shysal Thu 30-Sep-21 14:51:04

I have just watched this BBC1 programme, the first of a 6 part series, which I recorded on Monday. I had thought they might have run short of ideas this time, but as always it was hilarious. I can thoroughly recommend it. My favourite will always be Peter Pan, the first one I watched. It is not often that I laugh out loud on my own watching TV, but it happens every time! It is available on the iplayer.