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The three new episodes of Endeavour

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lemongrove Fri 01-Oct-21 21:43:39

What do others think about the three episodes of Endeavour?
I thought they were all very poor, the last one like a bad Agatha Christie movie. Morse falling down drunk ( again!) and Mrs Thursday going all peculiar yet again was the bitter icing on the soggy cake of the whole episode.
The previous series were all really good, so this is a great shame.

mokryna Fri 01-Oct-21 21:48:47

lemongrove there has been a lot of discussion on this subject 20 September.

seacliff Fri 01-Oct-21 21:52:49


NanKate Fri 01-Oct-21 22:00:49

Sadly I agree Lemongrove. It used to be one of my favourite series but the last episode was beyond awful. 👎

merlotgran Fri 01-Oct-21 23:30:10

I agree the last episode was dire. As if the plot wasn't ridiculous enough it was almost impossible to make out what was going on because it was so dark,

lemongrove Sat 02-Oct-21 09:31:24

Also...why, when they got the electric lights/lamps going again,
Were they still wandering around in the dark with a torch?
Talk about ‘murdered in the library with a candlestick’ !!

toscalily Sat 02-Oct-21 09:52:49

We only watched this last night and what a disappointment. Agatha Christie & Cluedo rolled into one, so dark you could not tell who was who, then they started to whisper so we had to put sub-titles on, I felt like calling out " there's some one behind you" and waiting for the reply "Oh no there's not" as in the Pantomine that it was.

Tizliz Sat 02-Oct-21 15:08:40

I fast forwarded it to the end just to see who had done it because I could not see in the dark and felt it was very silly. Such a disappointment when we have waited all summer for some decent programmes.

Granny23 Sat 02-Oct-21 15:14:54

Couldn't agree more. Very poor indee.

AGAA4 Sat 02-Oct-21 15:24:51

Colin Dexter, who wrote the Morse series of books would have been very unimpressed.

daphne907 Sat 02-Oct-21 15:25:21

Absolutely - Agatha would be turning - still love Shaun Evans, but don't know why he agreed to those scripts, especially as, I believe, he directed some of the previous episodes

love0c Sat 02-Oct-21 17:09:47

Oh dear1 I was looking forward to watching the first one tonight.

lemongrove Sat 02-Oct-21 17:18:06

No wonder Thursday looks so glum all the time in this series,
He’s contemplating his next leaden ‘line’.
A waste of good actors and an awful script.
Time for Endeavour to say goodbye.

JenniferEccles Sun 03-Oct-21 23:10:19

I think that’s the problem, these recent ones weren’t written by Colin Dexter.
They were all dire, weren’t they?
What is the matter with scriptwriters these days?
Can’t any of them come up with cleverly crafted stories where the clues are there for us, the viewers to try to work out?

I loved Morse so much, but this spin-off isn’t a patch on those stories.

Calendargirl Mon 04-Oct-21 06:54:34

these recent ones weren’t written by Colin Dexter

Neither were many of the Morse episodes. Or Lewis.

The clue is when it says on the credits ‘based on an idea by…’ or ‘inspired by the writings of…’ or similar.

The same with ‘Call The Midwife’.

lemongrove Mon 04-Oct-21 09:30:31

I haven’t checked if the writer of the last 3 is the same as the last series or the one before, but my feeling is that as the very first series of Endeavour was brilliant but went downhill a bit after that ( all the nonsense of Mrs Thursday and her crazy behaviour) so the writers may have changed?

It’s true that the very best of Morse were the ones based on the books by Colin Dexter.I met him at a book reading once ( he was rather deaf but gave an interesting talk afterwards.)

Tizliz Mon 04-Oct-21 12:07:33

Think we think differently to others. This is from a review:

Director Kate Saxon does a superb job of keeping tension high in what, for me, is the stand-out episode of this eighth series. There are some great jump scares and effective use of light and shadow in a mystery that blends period-appropriate Hammer stylings with a touch of Agatha Christie (Denofgeek)

It goes on to indicate that the title of Terminus is partly because this is the end of the road for this programme.

Calendargirl Mon 04-Oct-21 13:35:26

I watched a new ‘Midsomer Murders’ last night, set in a remote mansion, owned by a games entrepreneur.

It was a bit like Agatha Christie with Cluedo thrown in, but frankly, it was far more believable than the Endeavour one.

felice Mon 04-Oct-21 13:43:19

I have been looking for the 3rd episode but it is not on any of the Flemish/Dutch channels at all.
I wonder if they decided it was not worth paying for ????

Ilovecheese Mon 04-Oct-21 14:51:45

I loved the third Endeavour episode! I am a real sucker for that sort of lost in a snowdrift/remote island/ locked room kind of mystery.
Surely it can't be the last ever though, we don't know what's happened to Sam Thursday.