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Carols at Kings

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MissAdventure Fri 24-Dec-21 18:59:01

Silent night is just sublime

MissAdventure Fri 24-Dec-21 18:59:45

Bbc2 I think.

Sar53 Fri 24-Dec-21 19:17:39

O Holy Night my favourite carol, always make me cry, so beautiful.

Lincslass Fri 24-Dec-21 19:41:49

It was just beautiful, as it is each year.

Sweetpeasue Fri 24-Dec-21 19:56:14

Thankyou for reminding me of this programme MissAdventure
I'm having a very reflective night and this is a lovely gentle listen.

Forsythia Fri 24-Dec-21 19:59:40

It was, indeed, a lovely programme and now followed on by the Royal Christmas programme, both equally lovely to watch and listen to.

MissAdventure Fri 24-Dec-21 20:00:46


EllanVannin Fri 24-Dec-21 20:03:45

This is Christmas for me. How lovely.

Iam64 Fri 24-Dec-21 20:16:07

I listened while icing the cake and prepping stuffing, cooking the ham and the red cabbage
A blissful way to ease into Christmas is and for me, a joyous reminder of childhood and the greatest story ever told

Calendargirl Fri 24-Dec-21 20:29:05

Also enjoyed the Duchess Of Cambridge’s Carol Service.

Good to see she was supported by not only William, but also Sophie Wessex, the Tindalls, Beatrice and Eugenie plus husbands, and some of the Middletons.

mamaa Fri 24-Dec-21 20:42:37

So enjoyed it- look forward to it every year on Christmas Eve. So lovely and it starts Christmas for me.

Deedaa Fri 24-Dec-21 20:56:40

It's one consolation for losing DH. Now I can watch it all and sing along. He wouldn't do religion in any shape or form.