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Vienna Blood

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Calendargirl Wed 29-Dec-21 21:44:56

Just got round to watching the last episode of Vienna Blood. I find Inspector Rheinhardt very attractive, a bearded, gruff stocky bear of a man, but vulnerable also. His partnership with Max is great, chalk and cheese.

Look forward to another series hopefully.

lemongrove Wed 29-Dec-21 21:47:52

I thought the first series was better tbh but it’s still quite good anyway. Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes ( the Jude Law version) and yes, the Inspector is definitely a bit of alright.😊

Aveline Wed 29-Dec-21 22:04:55

They do this very well. Vienna is absolutely beautiful. The interiors are gorgeous too. I'm distracted by the architecture, furniture and ornaments too. The ladies dresses are lovely too.
The stories? Meh.

Charleygirl5 Wed 29-Dec-21 22:06:58

I also thought the first series better and felt they should not have continued.