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Shelflife Wed 05-Jan-22 19:35:01

Who is watching and what are your views regarding the Meena / Manpreet story? and I not referring to the ridiculous length of time this nonsense has gone on . Rather I am perturbed at the level of violence and horror shown at 7pm ! Not only that but we have Cain dumping Ellis on the moors without shoes on a bitterly cold night. Surely this is not acceptable!?

BabyLayla Thu 06-Jan-22 11:28:31

I watch it, have done for years and yes totally considered it not acceptable. My adult children grew up watching it with me so I just wonder how many little ones watch nowadays. The social messages are dreadful-:
Break up with someone - get drunk, fall out with someone- beat them up.
Bed hopping
The level of violence is cause for concern and the current Meena storyline disgusting.
Should be shown after 9pm

humptydumpty Thu 06-Jan-22 12:00:58

I happened to watch E when the expedition(?) was happening and Meena killed that woman in the maze, and have been watching since then to see her comeuppance - it's been a long time! Why don't the police do what Rishi wants and look in the house, why can Meena stop them?

Daisend1 Thu 06-Jan-22 12:05:42

Prefer it to Corrie.

Shelflife Thu 06-Jan-22 16:47:11

I am a soap fan and Emmerdale has always been my favorite. However the current story lines horrify me ! How many small children watch this? Not to mention teenagers who may or may not be unstable emotionally!!!!! The producer / writer should demonstrate a degree of social responsibility.

rafichagran Fri 07-Jan-22 17:24:09

I am enjoying watching Emmerdale, I like the time it is on. If people are worried about kids seeing it, they can tape it and watch it later. It's not the schedulers time to Police what peoples children watch.
I would also add that some of the computer games they watch are far more graphic and violent.

rafichagran Fri 07-Jan-22 17:24:58

Play not watch.

love0c Fri 07-Jan-22 19:26:06

We have watched it for ever so continue to do so as it is tradition! smile. I think if any youngsters/children start to watch they will quickly walk away and find something else to do. Because let us be honest, it is rubbish at the moment! I doubt they will be as daft as us!! blush

JaneJudge Fri 07-Jan-22 19:45:46

how many times have people been tied up in barns etc and drugged?
I live in the country, I have a barn. I know nothing about this kind of behaviour!

sodapop Fri 07-Jan-22 20:50:46

Too much stuff hoarded in our barns for drugged people and mad killers JaneJudge My husband's crap stuff which may come in useful. Emmerdale is so far fetched now but I still watch to see what will happen next.

JaneJudge Fri 07-Jan-22 21:00:04

oh does your husband have lots of folders and old work too sodapop grin

crazyH Fri 07-Jan-22 21:00:24

Don’t watch Emmerdale, Coronation or Eastenders…..used to, but not anymore. Too many interesting real-life Documentaries on Sky, Netflix etc

ExDancer Fri 07-Jan-22 22:58:53

My farming husband's sheds and barns are also full of useful stuff or animals, he has no outlying empty buildings where you could hide someone tied up and drugged on a bed of soft, creepy-crawly free hay. I don't know of any farmer who has such a place.
I am hooked on the Meena/Manpreet story however, even though its nonsense.

Grannynannywanny Fri 04-Feb-22 20:28:27

Any thoughts on the arrival of the son of Rhona’s ex Pierce? Is there something shifty about Marcus?

gillgran Sat 05-Feb-22 17:01:32


Any thoughts on the arrival of the son of Rhona’s ex Pierce? Is there something shifty about Marcus?

Oh yes, he's bound to be trouble. (& they've not caught up with Meena yet!). That storyline ( Meena's Murders) has gone on for far too long. shock