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Bea65 Thu 06-Jan-22 20:38:52

Just started watching this and already most of main actors ...

Smileless2012 Thu 06-Jan-22 20:39:33

We're about to start watching it too.

Bea65 Thu 06-Jan-22 20:39:36

Should have mentioned its a thriller and people go missing..

LauraNorderr Thu 06-Jan-22 20:41:22

Have watched the whole thing. It was brilliant. No spoilers but will say worth watching.

silverlining48 Thu 06-Jan-22 23:07:46

I am watching it too it’s quite violent but I want to know what happens so will carry on.
No idea how many episodes? Have seen about 10 already,

Grannmarie Thu 06-Jan-22 23:20:14

I binge watched it, I found it quite compulsive. Strong cast, good acting, I enjoyed it although I felt it was a bit far fetched at times. No spoilers, enjoy!

BigBertha1 Fri 07-Jan-22 07:06:43

I'm enjoying this too but leaking it out so I'm on No 4 next.

vegansrock Fri 07-Jan-22 07:08:56

Yes a good binge watch but lots of improbabilities - would police take it on themselves to search dodgy premises without calling for backup?

BladeAnnie Fri 07-Jan-22 07:12:40

We watched it in two nights - a real binge watch. Vegansrock we said the same about the police doing risky things without calling for backup

Bea65 Fri 07-Jan-22 13:27:54

Agree with ALL. it's a binge watch so my weekend sortedgrin

PinkCosmos Fri 07-Jan-22 13:51:53

Is this based on a book? The title sounds really familiar

Mary59nana Fri 07-Jan-22 14:51:36

Excellent binge watch

Namsnanny Fri 07-Jan-22 14:53:37

Not feeling it. But will keep with it.

Zoejory Fri 07-Jan-22 14:54:30

Hopeless to watch if you're from the area though. They leave the Runcorn Bridge and come out in Blackpool and 2 minutes later they're in Formby.

Of course this doesn't affect most viewers but my son is less than impressed by it.

nandad Thu 13-Jan-22 10:18:30

Have just finished watching this. Although we enjoyed it and thought the acting was good there were a lot of inconsistencies and lack of credibility. Won’t mention the bloopers as they would be spoilers but there were a couple in the first episode which made us question whether we wanted to watch the next one.

annsixty Thu 13-Jan-22 10:45:03

Having seen it was from a Harlen Coban novel I was looking forward to this.
I found it was full of inconsistencies and unanswered incidents.
I was disappointed.
My GD and her friend loved it.
I am too jaded I think.

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 13-Jan-22 11:38:43

This was brilliant and so well acted. There’s a couple more from the same writer...on Netflix. ‘Safe’ is one. We saw that. There’s another....the title name escapes me...but it’s on our list to watch.


Oopsadaisy1 Thu 13-Jan-22 11:43:07

We watched the first episode and gave up, I found it unbelievable and even though I was probably being picky couldn’t force myself to try the next episode so gave up.

NanKate Sat 15-Jan-22 09:07:37

I watched it all but had a number of criticisms, such as that ridiculous couple doing a dance scene, what was that about?

I’ve never been a fan of Eddy Izzard but I thought he was rather good in this series.

TerriBull Sat 15-Jan-22 10:20:34

I kind of abandoned it a while ago, whilst it has a good ensemble cast, I found it rather disjointed, I may go back to it, but the longer I leave it the less I care about finding what the outcome is. I often give up on series though so not unusual for me. I watched the other Harlan Coben "The Stranger" also on Netflix, a while ago, I found that better, but similar format.