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Vikings. Anyone watched the whole series?

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MayBee70 Thu 06-Jan-22 22:28:55

I’ve just finished watching series 5. Unlike other series such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things etc I‘ve never sat glued to the screen watching Vikings. I might have done in the earlier series when Ragnar was in it but when he died I never took to Ivar ( I know I wasn’t meant to like him but I didn’t find him fascinating either). But I’m trying to catch up on box sets I’ve bought and never got round to watching. I suppose I will buy season 6 and watch it. Has anyone else watched all 6 seasons. I know it’s meant to be bloodthirsty and full of battles but it takes itself so seriously and could do with just a bit of warmth and humour every now and again. I tend to get the characters mixed up as well and get confused as to whose side they’re fighting on as they chop and change all the time. I am, however, loving Britannia, though, but am holding off from starting on season 2 as I know I’ll binge watch it!

Doodle Thu 06-Jan-22 23:03:18

Yes I watched the whole thing. I tended to quickly pass the most violent bits. I thought the last series was worth watching.

Kamiso Thu 06-Jan-22 23:04:10

Funnily enough mentioned Vikings to my OH yesterday more or less as you said. Whole thing changed once Ragnar left. Like you I’ll watch the next series but mainly because there isn’t much else on.

Have you watched The Last Kingdom. One of my favourites.

MayBee70 Thu 06-Jan-22 23:05:00

Apart from Lagertha and Ragnar I never found any of the actors very charismatic.Oh, and Rollo.

MayBee70 Thu 06-Jan-22 23:09:54

I watched The Last Kingdom when it was on the BBC . Not sure how many series there were after I couldn’t watch it: think there were only two. I’ve got a series of Outlander to watch, also. Nothing was as good as GOT’s though, till the last season. I was planning to rewatch all of it but haven’t watched a single episode after season 8. I’ve also got Breaking Bad to watch. There are just too many good things both on tv and the other channels!

Redhead56 Thu 06-Jan-22 23:47:06

I watched the whole series and loved it. I got the box set of Game of Thrones it's not even opened but now it's being aired! I watched Outlander really enjoyed that too.