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For All Mankind - Apple tv

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Jane43 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:46:21

I am really engrossed in this series. It is based on the Apollo moon missions but with a twist - the Russians beat the Americans to be first on the moon and one of their first astronauts was a woman. So the Americans are competing with the Russians and have trained up a team of female astronauts, as well as this both the Americans and the Russians are trying to set up a permanent base on the moon. The story centres around the male and female astronauts and their families. Parts of American history are changed in that Richard Nixon brought the Vietnam war to an end and Edward Kennedy is President. There are two series, I am at the end of Series One.

Doodledog Sat 15-Jan-22 22:48:58

That sounds interesting- thanks for the heads up😀